Project Background


SWEPCO UK is a provider of commercial and industrial roofing systems to retail and government clients. Focused on extending the lifespan of incumbent roofs as well as rescuing damaged* roofing systems.


SWEPCO UK has the UK exclusive right to retail and distribute SWEPCO products. SWEPCO is the South Western Petroleum Company based in the USA. They specialise in supplying the patented roofing life extension systems globally.


Bias had engaged the business owner via Linkedin by offering advice on how to market the product in response to posts he had made. This led to consultation and engagement to rebuild the company website, consult on business development and the supporting marketing strategy.




The Problem


The problem that SWEPCO UK had in the past was previous engagements of agency partners or website developers hadn’t proven productive. In fact, they had been so bad the company had reverted to purchasing templated websites and hosting themselves. The knock on effect had been a loss of trust in our industry but a lack of clear message and quality web presence.


The second part of the consultation was focused on business development and where SWEPCO want to take the business, which involved a totally new focus. To further establish the SWEPCO brand, they are developing a partner programme which involves an accredited partner training course with online support.


SWEPCO also want to take back the e-commerce business from a national supplier as they feel there isn’t enough focus on driving sales of their product.


  • Wordpress Website Design
  • Online Learning
  • Product Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

Project Requirements


The SWEPCO project requires a staged approach. The first is to develop a modern, clean, responsive website that delivers the core products. We chose a familiar WordPress CMS and brought a design front end that encapsulated their brand colours.


Content includes video, images, and e-commerce which we brought together in a very simple way.


We also built an online university style system to manage the soon to come online training for the new accredited partner business. Whilst we have developed the capacity to manage the online education and partner programme, we are currently filming the video content to complete the project.


Post-development Bias Digital will be working with SWEPCO to develop their e-commerce and content strategies. This will cover marketplaces, paid search, TV advertising and inbound marketing.


Ongoing Results & Innovation


Initially pleased with the delivery, SWEPCO has now decided to build a mobile site separate from the responsive site in situ. They would like a mobile experience that solely focuses on the sale of the listed e-commerce products for sale.


The video production is being shot at their Essex premises at the time of writing this case study.


The new website is small, has minimal results and again we pressed for some continuity in some of the page styling and built the website on a drag and drop editor which makes it easy for both SWEPCO or another 3rd party to manage.


  • Create Online Video
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Ongoing Consultancy
  • Define Accreditation Programme
  • Marketplace Distribution


What We’ve Learned


Working with SWEPCO has been excellent. As we have delivered on their requirements they have become more insistent on further involvement. Bias are now developing the eCommerce and marketplace strategy for SWEPCO to reclaim the online business from the current partner as well as develop the outbound TV and Radio campaigns.


We are also developing the structure and strategy behind the new partner accreditation programme and online training.


The progressive nature of SWEPCO and their ambition makes them a perfect partner for Bias as we can further support growth and delivery in a business that has great potential to expand.