The Project Background


Welcome to the Tapoly Insurance case study where we discuss the functions we delivered with this Insurtech startup. We were first introduced to Tapoly Insurance after our CEO, Paul Sullivan finished speaking as a keynote at The High Profile Networking breakfast. During the networking event, we met Janthana Kaenprakhamroy the CEO and discovered that she was in a position to accelerate growth in her sales pipeline.


During the discussion, we conveyed to her the focus and success we have achieved working with Fintech companies, (Tapoly is an Insurtech startup).


Bias Digital have been working in Fintech for around 8 years and provide support in web design, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, sales strategy, business development and product development services. We also create and maintain Fintech accelerator programs covering more recently, blockchain.


Over the following weeks, we met several more times to further talk about the possibility of working together.


Project Background


The Project Requirements


After completing our conversations, we agreed to work together and Paul Sullivan our CEO, was contracted as an interim Head of Sales & Marketing. This enabled Tapoly to get the high-level strategy and experience he bought without committing to a monthly inbound marketing retainer. We also helped hire interns and a full-time marketing assistant to implement the day to day strategy under his guidance. Our team was onsite with Tapoly weekly for one full day.


The remit was to set the marketing strategy, build commercial sales partnerships, and help with staff development. We were also asked to input to the website which underwent a redesign process during the contract


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Hire
  • Education
  • Commercial Sales & Partnerships
  • Staff Development
  • Training

Our Methods & Approach


Our first piece of work with Tapoly was to run a Buyer Persona workshop, this brought all the people that had been involved in Tapoly – staff, PR, freelancers, interns and potential recruits, together. The workshop included a series of exercises that were designed to establish core facts about the typical customer and what the business meant to that customer.


Following the workshop, we then signed Tapoly up with SEM Rush so that we could compare the business to its peers online. Those businesses they wanted to emulate were added to the list of comparables too. This enabled us to see their rivals keywords, page rankings, website traffic and paid search ads.


Once we established the competitors, we performed in-depth Keyword research to give us a basis of what outputs should be produced in the content marketing campaigns. Bias Digital suggested an Inbound Marketing campaign as this would yield best results long term, increasing traffic and setting Tapoly Insurance up as the go-to authority on gig economy insurance.


Bias Digital used our personal network to seek commercial agreements with corporate networks with a high number of small businesses and freelancers. Such as chambers of commerce, and larger more established networks, like the Federation of Small Business.


The Outcome


The challenge to adopt an inbound mindset and approach proved difficult at first. The internal team whilst acknowledging the benefits frequently found the opportunity to focus their efforts elsewhere.


The interns were often redeployed, as is the case with a lot of startups, resulting in a less than aggressive approach to their inbound campaign.


The new website whilst designed was never implemented, but some suggestions to the number of opportunities to convert sales were adopted, and more calls to action now appear on the website.


We did, however, see a commercial partnership deal materialise and Tapoly signed to be the insurance provider for The North London Chamber of Commerce which comprises of some 1600 businesses throughout its network.


We concluded our contract with Tapoly and when we last checked it seems the inbound strategy was not followed through and a number of blog articles were never posted to the company blog.


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Webdesign


Looking Forward


Moving forward, both our CEO and Janthana Kaenprakhamroy CEO of Tapoly now appear as committee members for The North London Chamber of Commerce. They are tasked with driving through change, to help it adapt for the technological revolution computing and IT now enables as well as the rise of the Gig economy.


Both parties have gone on to win further business awards and we will be keeping tabs on the future success of Tapoly Insurance in 2019 and beyond.


Commercial Partnership Delivered, revenues unknown.