The top 5 things to do offline to market your estate agency business

marketing your estate agency business offline

The top 5 things to do offline to market your estate agency business

Always be prepared to do more

As more and more independent estate agency businesses appear in a massively booming property market in England, we have taken a look at what you can do to market your estate agency business offline.

As an independent estate agency business in an infant or fledgling stage of development it is essential that you are always prepared to do more. This doesn’t mean simply putting in more hours or more phone calls or sign more prospective tenants. This means ensuring that your service is more personal, more hands on and more caring.

The top 5 things to do offline to market your estate agency business


market your estate agency

Remain open and honest

No matter what line of business you are in when you open your estate agency, sales lettings and management or both, you need to remain as transparent as possible. Remember that you are the business, your face, your presentation and your openness will all count as part of your offline marketing activity for your estate agency. People want to believe in you, so when you have refined your pitch, on-boarded your landlord, vendor buyer or tenant it is imperative that you remain open and honest as is feasibly possible. Remember, if you ask yourself what the conversation is that is said about you and your business, these are two words that would rank highly amongst them.

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Be Reliable

Most people would tell an estate agent that the best way to market offline will be either to put adverts in local newspapers and magazines or by way of flyers. Most people forget that the fundamentals are what really matter to people. And people are the source of the income right?

So being reliable is of the utmost importance, if a buyer or tenant books a viewing after your work hours attend it, never assume it’s okay to ask the property owner or landlord if they are happy to take the viewing themselves, you are being paid a fee to handle this, so handle it. Be reliable! If you are running late for a viewing or appointment, call ahead, even if you are running 2-3 minutes behind, let your customer know that they are the most important part of this transaction, not your fee. Be reliable!

Whatever it is you do in your business just be reliable, it will pay you dividends in the long run.

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Communication is key to the agencies survival, the better the communication with parties with ongoing business or transactions, the better the referral marketing will become. Sales and lettings are two sided transactions either one vendor and one buyer or one landlord and one tenant. Whichever of these the agent finds themselves managing, communication is going to be key.

Clear lines of communication build trust, generate good opinion, calm nerves and stop tempers becoming frayed in difficult situations. Once an estate agent masters this the customers will tell others and they will also become potential customers. So, if the agent or the agency hasn’t got this one polished to a tee, then it’s time to up the game.

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Be enthusiastic

There is nothing worse than tardiness and or a moody demeanour. Clients will want you to be enthusiastic at all times, even when handling difficult or stressful situations. Be enthusiastic to sign vendors or landlords as well as your tenants, make every person you deal with feel like your service was built specifically for them.

A warm smile, firm handshake even follow up with a personalised email for whomever the agent has been dealing with. Enthusiasm can be contagious, so the more upbeat an agent is at a viewing, signing a tenant or landlord or completing a sale, the more that reflects on the agent and people love to buy people so you can only further enhance your reputation.

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Remember that you are your business

When looking at what you can do offline to market an estate agency business, look no further than yourself. Small or independent agents or brokers should always pride themselves on the personal touch. If the agent is selling a £400,000 property and the viewing is at 8 pm, then be there be enthusiastic and be prepared to communicate well about it.

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On average Estate Agents earn the most money for their time, if you are selling a £400k property with a 1.6% commission, you earn £6,400.00, so be prepared to work those odd hours, as a 30 minute viewing could earn as much in half hour as some people earn in a year!

By Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan
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