The worst advice we’ve ever heard about wine social media

The worst advice for social media for wine brands

The worst advice we’ve ever heard about wine social media

The worst advice we’ve ever heard about wine social media

  1. The best thing to do is hand full control over to a marketing agency, they can send all your messages and manage your brand message on social media it’s easy…
  2. Wine brands should just post offers about their products, it makes sense as the brand is known nationally/globally
  3. Wine brands are engaged as soon as a customer buys a product so no brand education on social media is necessary
  4. Some millenials aren’t yet buying wine so you don’t have to find a voice that talks to them on the social media platforms
  5. Wine Brands only need to focus their social media activity on the world’s biggest consumer markets
  6. Wine brands should focus their social media attention to Facebook and Twitter only as these are the most popular
  7. Wine brands don’t really need social media they’re better off with TV and print media solutions aligned with their target market
  8. Wine brands should rely on peer to peer social media conversations to promote their brand as there’s nothing better than a positive comment to generate interest
  9. Wine brands should use every available social media platform to get their message out
  10. Wine brands should only engage with positive comments and should quite rightly ignore bad feedback and “rise above it”


These are the more familiar comments or agency practices that I have been exposed to over the last year and in an age where social media is more a “second nature” to most and where it isn’t there is enough good FREE advice to be found on the internet:


Here are but some of a few that you should read to gain an insight into not just what we say here at Modedaweb but what other agencies and industry specialists who work with social media think on the same subject. Wine brands aren’t limited and can express themselves in many positive ways not just social media but it must play an integral part of any marketing strategy or campaign. A mixture of current tech and the relevant platforms will provide a good base to deliver a well executed marketing plan.

By Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan
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