Why Content Marketing is like The Game of Thrones

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Why Content Marketing is like The Game of Thrones

How does content marketing correlate to the Game of Thrones I hear you ask?


Well, it’s quite simple really… content is a strategy, pretty much like the plans made by the characters that are vying to sit on the Iron Throne in Kings Landing, recently vacated by one Robert Baratheon.


With each Noble house, in this case, businesses hunting for customers, it’s easy to see how the ups and downs often reflect the sticky ends of the characters which map to poorly managed content marketing campaigns.


content marketing is like the game of thrones



Let’s look for instance at the plans of Robb Stark to take the iron throne, which whilst efficient and making initial gains, fell away and ended up with him losing his head because he failed to listen to others about his tactics. Being new to the strategy he saw his early successes as those to make him a king, yet his successes ultimately became the end of him. Ignorance about long term strategy over short term gains often proves the downfall of many content marketing strategies.


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Then you have House Lannister, the strategy employed by this family is often corrupt and aimed at short term gain, with an overall long term strategy in mind, however, they are very keen on knocking each other off (in both senses of the phrase). This is often reflective of not having a cohesive strategy, a strategy where every person playing a part is informed and believes in the long term goals of the campaign. Another instance this House reflects is the dreaded multiple stakeholder positions, where an agency client has too many Knights and not enough soldiers. There will always be a chance someone will deviate from the end game if your content marketing strategy is anything like the way information and content are withheld in this house!


content marketing bias digitalHOUSE TYRELL

The House Tyrell, now these are the content marketers with the ultimate focus on the prize, well-funded and connected, they play their game of strategy very close, making the right alliances at the right time. They remind me both of an astute business owner seeking the right “marriage” in order to further their own plans for profit and also a complete strategist who when in need will always choose the situation that betters their position. Better information from better content writers, better agencies quickly employed when the current one fails to deliver and overall just demanding better. They are also the house most likely to invest in tech if it would aide their rise to the top. This is a content house you’d want to align your business with, or the client to be working with as they seem to be going places.


content marketing bias digitalHOUSE TARGARYEN

The long term favourite, often reminding me of the “start-up” business is House Targaryen! Start-ups often are led by multiple entrepreneurs or failed ones (like the mad king) and have great potential. Possibly a second time around business venture for a potential king or queen who has had their hands burnt the first time around.


This client will want to do things right, to take a long term strategy to put the correct foundations in place and ensure that their content arrives at the right ears. They will want to be making a statement so that their rivals watching from afar will hear about every conquest they make as they move forward toward the iron throne, leaving plenty of satisfied followers in their wake. They also have the added extra of three dragons but in the real world, having the likes of Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden wouldn’t half be a bad team to back you or you to them.


This business is no dark horse, with their content marketing recruiting customers in their droves, it is this House that will be the top house, sitting atop the Iron Throne… or will they?


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With the jostling and manoeuvring of the other houses reminding me of businesses in growth, often mimicking the bigger houses in plans and strategy, maybe even employing the same strategy with an aim to become a bigger, more noble house (or larger business), it’s with these that you can really leverage some growth if you are a clever advocate of content marketing.


Get your strategy right with your marquee client and you will have the live case study in which to prove your worth when it comes to content marketing in the game of thrones.


content marketing bias digital

content marketing bias digitalcontent marketing bias digitalcontent marketing bias digitalcontent marketing bias digitalcontent marketing bias digitalcontent marketing bias digitalAll images remain the property of HBO and/or George RR Martin, Author

By Paul Sullivan


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