Why Inbound Sales Teams need Conversational Marketing


Why Inbound Sales Teams need Conversational Marketing

Know your sales team and its value


This article looks at why inbound sales teams need conversational marketing. No matter how many people there are on your sales team, ultimately each salesperson can only handle one call per person, per sale. Even if you have a sales floor, your company has only employed the staff to match the number of calls being made and received. Leadbots, on the other hand, can handle multiple enquiries and redirect conversations to available sales personnel. 


Most organisations find themselves in situations where sales personnel never seem to have enough time. Calls go unanswered, leads run cold, opportunity reduces and then you spend more money acquiring new leads with new strategies.


Additional Costs


Please don’t get me wrong, adding conversational marketing would be an additional cost. But add it to your current lead generation activity and you increase the opportunity to qualify more leads. By qualifying more leads you reduce sales time and increase real opportunity.


Lead Qualification


Qualify more leads whilst your sales team are making their day to day calls and their funnels heat up and income increases. It’s a result of an inbound marketing strategy that has a multi-pronged approach. Remember not everybody is ready to buy, not all will pick up a phone, they want you to reach out first. Link your lead bot to your sales teams calendars and you can also book far more consultations and demonstrations.


Understanding your Marketing Strategy


Understanding your marketing strategy is key to the success or failure of your business.


Companies that don’t have multiple touchpoint strategies significantly decrease the opportunity to retail their products or services. That’s why inbound marketing is so successful and widely adopted.



Look at how inbound marketing works, it involves the use of a number of different touchpoints to get your message across:


  1. Social Media
  2. Blogging
  3. Other Content Types
  4. Landing Pages & Gated Content
  5. Email Lead Nurturing
  6. Email Newsletters
  7. Events


Managing this many touchpoints in a comprehensive and cohesive manner makes a lot of sense for obvious reasons.


How lead bots increase opportunity and profitability


However, in a recent post I wrote I pointed out that despite all of this effort, average conversion rates are low.


Somewhere between 2 and 5%.


So let’s look at some hypothetical number’s to see  what could happen if you achieved a


100, 200, 300 or 400%


Increase in qualified leads in your sales funnel, with a product that retails at £2,000 and you make sales to 10% of your conversions


Page TrafficConversion 2%£  (10%)Increase 100%£


Page TrafficConversion 2%£ (10%)Increase 200%£


Page TrafficConversion 2%£ (10%)Increase 300%£


Page TrafficConversion 2%£ (10%)Increase 400%£


Do I need to say more?


Heads of Marketing, Sales & Business Development


All of your heads of sales, marketing and business development know that increments in %’s are what get you success. As I chose low numbers on conversion percentages, you can compare this to your own internal data to see what impact this would make to your bottom line.


Let’s face it, viral marketing campaigns are rare (depending on your KPI’s) and brand loyalty isn’t what it once was as the digital revolution intensifies. Adding more technology to your marketing and sales stack makes more sense than not. And that is why inbound sales teams need conversational marketing.


So what are you going to do?


How do I get started with conversational marketing?


Well, this is the easy bit. Just get started. Talk to a conversational marketing agency like ours and implement a simple lead bot to get you going. We even offer a 30-day conversion challenge, a proof of use package which gets you going very quickly. We then back that up by our jumpstart conversion campaign which only commits you for a further 90 days.


Unlike Hubspot or other marketing automation platforms, we don’t tie you in for lengthy 12-month contracts. We believe that showing proof of use, then building a single campaign works better for both sides. We do have longer campaigns built into our services, but trust and results are far more important to us.


So there it is. Our reasons why inbound sales teams need conversational marketing and why you must have traffic if you want to succeed. For more information and consultation, book us here.

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