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Why your Christmas email may not be personal enough to retain your clients

Christmas email lists are that perfect opportunity to thank your valued clients for their business in 2015 and wish them a prosperous 2016. To provide a polite reminder that your still there and happy with their custom so far, but here’s why your Christmas email may not be personal enough to retain your clients!


Email Personalisation


Personalisation of email is nothing new, in a world of forward thinking technology and advanced marketing techniques such as marketing automation. Even high school students can tell you that email should be personalised to the individual its targeted to. But is this enough at Christmas?

Being Memorable


Part of being memorable is that the email is from your company, specifically from a relevant person or department and that the recipient’s name is featured, in a bid to relax them into reading the content. After a quick scan, your readers will typically close the email and pass it onto the trash bin in their email client, casting several hours of design work to the nether regions of email heaven. That is of course providing that there is nothing of real interest in your content or offers.


Check out the email open rates across industry as of August 2015 vs recorded email CTR of previous Christmas mailing.


But being memorable is not only about being personal.

Being Relevant


Email marketing is about being relevant. Segmented email lists are part of the process to ensuring that your content is specifically interesting to the targeted recipient and that the content is well researched and topical. That’s not all being relevant is. In some ways being relevant is about remaining in sight, by having a visual reminder that your company exists, rather like a branded pen or note book you may distribute.


But being relevant is not only about content or offers specific to a persona or branded goods, especially at Christmas.

Being Permanent


The thing at Christmas is to be permanent. To be permanent we have to be old school, low-tech, to remain a constant visual memory and in line of sight, you need to send a good old fashioned Christmas card!


Send something personalised, handwritten or printed but something that can sit proudly on a desk, pinned or hung on a wall.


Let your client know that they are worth a bit more effort than a generic email that will be relatively quickly deleted and lost amongst the heaps of other email they receive each week.

Don’t be afraid to brand


As its Christmas, it’s a good idea to brand your cards from your company, wishing them a prosperous new year and of course a happy Christmas. Don’t be afraid to put your contact details on the back, so not to be pushy remind them that you are also people at a company, not just a company brand name on a piece of card.


Keep it topical, maybe take a picture of your team wearing Christmas jumpers, the office mascot in some Christmas related knitwear or if you work within a niche, Christmas images relevant to that niche.


Again position yourself to be memorable, but not ridiculed. And that’s more personalisation.

Keep prominent


Lastly, and I touched on this earlier, it’s easy to perch a card on a desk or hang on a wall, but if its branded subtly, personalised and sent in a hand written envelope, this will feel far more personal to the recipient. It will likely last longer in sight over the Christmas period (generally 24 days) than a simple generic email would, that will be opened once discarded and then lost forever.


From my perspective and as an agency we practice this, I open these emails, read them and in two-day’s time will have forgotten that I’ve seen it, until I see the person who sent it. However, cards that have been sent out and received, sit proudly in a designated space, next to the office Christmas tree and I see them every day.


Think about it, you know it makes sense.

Paul Sullivan
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