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WordPress is one of the most recognisable names in website design. With developers across the globe able to find easy to use plugins as well as hard code features, firms find it easy to adopt because of its familiarity. With four awards for web design under our belt, we offer WordPress web development solutions for companies of all sizes.


BIAS builds websites that deliver conversions, are well optimised and go for growth. WordPress is an alternative to our HubSpot CMS projects.



Digital BIAS is a specialist WordPress web design agency based in London. With over 16 years experience of in designing and building responsive B2B websites. The websites we create are developed on WordPress and Hubspot CMS, designed with digital marketing and search engine optimisation in mind. Therefore using these familiar content management systems means our web design agency ensures that your company website will be easy to use and further develop.

WordPress is an extremely popular content management system and therefore you are amongst good company when adopting this platform. Digital BIAS try to build with drag and drop editors where possible to enable your internal marketing and sales teams to have a low code solution for ongoing platform management.

With responsive design implemented as a standard, your website will definitely be mobile friendly for tablets and mobile phones. We ensure a fast, secure experience for your potential customers, each and every time they visit.


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After BIAS has delivered your project you have options on how you want to take your platform forward.

As standard, we integrate your WordPress site with the HubSpot free CRM to give you powerful business tools.

But beyond this, we can work with your business to manage updates or changes, build landing pages or custom design hosting accounts.

Previous projects have also seen us integrate 3rd party platforms like Salesforce Lightning, Bullhorn for Salesforce, Fonteva, HubSpot and many other open API solutions. Therefore, we able to provide 365-degree support and talk to us about monthly support packages.

I've been working with Paul and the team at Bias for around 4 years now and they have managed our website redesign projects with aplomb. Paul is a fantastic marketing strategist and I have no problem referring him to the fast-growth tech companies that I recruit for. If you are looking for a growth and results-oriented business partner then Paul is certainly your man. I recommend him highly.




When you engage BIAS, you are automatically enrolled on our first-class onboarding process. We strive to keep you engaged throughout the process and on top of our project management tools, we also provide video tips and a personal hand-hold experience.

We make it clear who is responsible for what deliverables and we ensure that milestones are met in a timely fashion.

All websites are custom-designed, pre-launched in XD for early previews and sign off before we hardcode the website pages/theme and then we launch the fully signed off WordPress website.

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Complex WordPress Integration
HubSpot CMS Project Lionesa
Interactive B2B Inbound Campaign BNM Analytics