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Would Inbound Marketing work for my company

Would Inbound Marketing work for my company? The simple answer is you don’t know until you speak to an expert!


Inbound Marketing isn’t for every company, despite the growing clamour to adopt it. Wait, let me rephrase that, inbound could be for most, but from an agency retainer perspective you need to ensure that your company aligns itself with a specialist agency that has specific experience in your sector.

How will I know?


Typically you can tell by the quality of the content that the agency produces in spaces like its blog, Linkedin and Twitter, relevant for B2B businesses of course. You need to see a clear demonstration of the understanding not only of inbound marketing as a practice, but also content specifically written for your business sector in general.


Agencies can talk all day about the application of inbound, but you still need to see quality relevant content that engages you about your own product or service, prior to thinking of approaching an agency.


Hubspot produced a great pdf that talks to the subject of how to hire an inbound agency.


Don’t be hesitant


Don’t be afraid to ask would inbound marketing work for my company and if it could what strategy would the agency develop? Any agency worth its salt wouldn’t be able to tell you straight away as they’d need to do quite a bit of research into your company, its history, what you’ve tried previously digitally and then go on to look into your client database for that sweet spot that you’d like to expand.


Inbound is an educational form of marketing designed to coax your prospective buyers down your sales funnel at a pace that suits them. It doesn’t shove your product or service offering down their throats.


Opt for a workshop


Inbound Marketing agencies often offer workshops prior to engaging fully with you as a client. to ensure that the decision makers fully understand what their budget is being spent on and how they will apply the strategy. Do you see that much with traditional marketing agencies?


Often we require marketing and sales together on a workshop so that you can see the benefits of inbound marketing for both departments rather than just the one. It’s about getting all the beneficiaries of the service together so everyone not only understands the process but also appreciates the clear benefits of this type of marketing.


This will also be a far cheaper way to find out if your agency really is a good fit for you or your business.


Try an inbound marketing academy


Some agencies (including Bias Digital) offer inbound marketing as a business academy. Many smaller businesses also want to expedite growth but cannot afford an inbound agency retainer and these hands-on courses are excellent value for money, plus you get the added benefit of coaching applied to your business as well as group support sessions. More details about this can be found at the end of this post.

Inbound as a solution

Inbound is a solution and inbound agencies provide a whole of the service product. This means that they really want to control the website design and development, the content strategy and delivery and social media and email marketing as we deliver this cohesively as part of an overall strategy.


We’ve been trained to focus on delivering your prospect what they need as they need it, when the premium times to post on social media are and how to build you segmented email lists driving a greater return on your marketing investment.


So how do you know if inbound marketing would work for your company, well that you need to speak to the specialists to find out, just make sure you choose the right one!


Bias Digital is a specialist inbound marketing agency focusing on the financial, technology and construction and property sectors. We have over 20 years of finance and Fintech experience and over 5 years working with construction and property companies. 

We run an inbound marketing academy for small businesses and if you’d like to find out more about that click here or call us on 0203 637 4426


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