About BIAS?

Over 22 years marketing, sales and consulting experience and 3 business awards since 2017!

About BIAS

As Simon Sinek once said, start with why.


I’m Paul Sullivan, ex-financial services, combined management consultant and digital marketing expert. As you can tell, I’ve won a few awards along the way too!


It’s taken some time to truly identify why you should work with me and in turn with BIAS. For me, BIAS is a culture, it’s a way of life that transcends delivery, outputs and business relationships. It’s a belief that we can help companies and brands truly deliver on the triple bottom line, people, planet and profit.


So many agencies talk about values, results and culture but they are mostly focused on profitability. However, there is a way of gaining profitatbility, that is delivered upon culture, accountability, strategy and results.


Unlike other agency businesses, BIAS is company born of a merger of businesses that work in different ways. In 2017, I combined PS Consulting, a semi-traditional management consultancy firm with Paul Sullivan Marketing (previously Modedaweb), an inbound marketing and web design agency business.


After it became apparent the two businesses overlap due to my consultative approach, I realised businesses often need a combination of both services. A consultative agency that can deliver on results from a structural, cultural, marketing and sales perspective.


But being able to deliver isn’t enough. Our clients must also embrace change and digital transformation, enabling cultural and business practice shifts to achieve digital transformation and ongoing success.


This is BIAS. We are an enabler of transformation, we deliver results for businesses from startup to scaleup to enterprise. We double down on digital and business strategies that are relevant in todays world of high-velocity digital change, challenging the status quo whilst remaining focused on the big picture.


We treat our clients like friends, not data, KPIs or account numbers and certainly not in a disposable manner, we humanise the experience for everyone. We are fussy, we are proud, we treat your business like it’s our business. We will never knowingly oversell or undersell you services, we will knowingly keep your business and its opportunities top of mind. We will always stick to our core values and breathe them in everything that we do.


That is our BIAS, now tell us what’s your bias?



Our Core Values



Being credible is extremely important for any brand or business, and within that we face challenges with staff independence and with delivery. BIAS are extremely proud that we can always call on our current clients to provide references to new prospects. This means we are always credible and our references current. We instill the importance of this to our full-time and contractual staff so the BIAS ethos remains constant throughout your experience.




Since a time before BIAS, our founder Paul Sullivan has always been extremely reliant on his value as an employee, consultant or contractor. This has led to multiple engagements with global brands like Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. He has built a culture of enablement allowing responsibility of brand delivery to become something that internal and external staff buy into. This allows BIAS to remain true to its values and deliver honest and sometimes hatrd to hear truths about a companies situation and required turnaround strategy. In reverse, that also means BIAS will never shirk responsibility or ownership of issues should any occur. We also strive to remedy any situation as soon as feasibly possible, remaining transparent at all times.




Transparency and clarity are fundamental tools for building the foundations of any relationship, be that in business or personal. And let’s face it, in todays world of social media and business they overlap time and again. This is why it’s paramount that BIAS and it’s team remain transparent in our dealings and give clarity to outputs, strategy and objectives at all times. The relationships we create are collaborative, open and familiar, with a requirement of straight talking and common sense. The best relationships develop when criticism is left on the table not removed and both parties accept the most creative solutions often come from testing situations.




Following on from being transparent and providing clarity is the need for total honesty. BIAS focus on being honest at all times. We own our mistakes and we celebrate our successes as one cannot progres without the occurence of both situations. However, in business, in such collaborative partnerships, we often are privvy to sensitive information about each others businesses. Be sure in the knowledge that BIAS will never disclose any information that can cause your business harm financially or reputationally. That is our promise to you.




And it’s that honesty that will build trust as well as our capacity to deliver award-winning inbound marketing campaigns that deliver both profits and client awards, establishing BIAS as a partner of choice.


Spending time to educate you are your teams about what we do, how we do it and if required enabling internal ownership through training and development. Our ambition is to keep you and your business at the very heart of what we do, hence our company tag #whatsyourbias


It’s what you are about and what matters to you that matters most to us, we keep that as our key focus whenever we work together. Hopefully, our values match your values and if they do, please contact us via the chatbot or by calling us on 0203 637 4426.

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