Our work and results

Here you’ll find a range of results for B2B Technology and Services companies past and present that the team here at BIAS has delivered. Our work ranges across marketing, websites, sales, and products.

Our Marketing Results

LinkedIn Case Study: 300 Leads in 8 Weeks

As COVID struck and people started working from home, the big problem was that everyone was now focused on LinkedIn. This meant a considerable rise in posting to the platform, and cutting through the noise was becoming increasingly difficult.

Discover how BIAS cut through the noise to land 12 high-ticket clients.

CRM Case Study: Pipedrive to HubSpot for B2B Fintech

To successfully migrate HubX from Pipedrive CRM to HubSpot, integrate Drift, the conversational marketing platform and sales enablement tool. 

Then sanity-check and optimise the current chat playbooks that nurtured website traffic enquiries and routed prospects to the correct sales reps.

Finally, we had to build their performance reporting dashboard in HubSpot to conclude the process. 

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