ARISE™ marketing amplifies your message for advanced results

ARISE™ marketing helps you amplify your message and build targeted customer account acquisition strategies to boost conversion rates, increase retention, and expand revenue.

Marketing teams can maximise your ability to contribute to the pipeline and build a brand with ARISE™ Marketing with marketing automation and channel optimisation.

Helping marketing teams drive better results with ARISE™

ARISE™ for marketing teams relieves this pressure by optimising their customer acquisition strategy and maximising the use of CRM technology, client data and comprehensive attribution reporting. 

A sustainable approach to marketing with clear ROI

If you're looking to drive greater engagement, brand recognition and conversion, you're in the right place. 

  • Understand your target audience in greater depth
  • Activate the right accounts at the right time
  • Focus your marketing efforts on accounts more likely to convert
  • Generate greater sales qualified leads (SQLs)

Ultimately increasing revenue opportunities, heightening customer experience, driving loyalty and reducing churn.

ARISE™ Marketing unlocks:

Wins for you and your team:

  • Proof of contribution to the business revenue goals
  • Closer alignment with sales and customer success
  • Greater team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduced marketing costs in the long term

Wins for the overall business:

  • Better data with a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Heightened market competitiveness 
  • A path to digital transformation

Benchmarked against 59 KPIs as standard

  • MQLs - Identify marketing-qualified leads.
  • Paid Ads - Track your ads' performance to quantify your spending.
  • Website - Understand your website's performance and how you can better optimise it.
  • Social Media - Discover your best-performing channels and where your audience is most responsive.
  • Email - Track the metrics that matter to optimise email engagement better.

  • MQLs - 1

  • Paid Ads - 24

  • Website - 14

  • Social Media - 11

  • Email - 11

Marketing Services Offered

Product Marketing

Our core expertise is supporting GTM teams in SaaS and Fintech.


For PLG companies to optimise onboarding and customer acquisition.

Demand Generation

Content, SEO and performance marketing to capture demand.


Key account strategy for tech and service firms with long sales cycles.

Fractional CMO

Dedicated leadership support to build strategy and coach teams.

ARISE™ Marketing Pricing Options

AMPLIFY 1:1 Starter from


  • One-to-one (1:1)
  • Up to 50 ICP Companies
  • 3 Buying Committee Members
  • £1k ad spend inc. per month
  • Min 6 month campaign
  • ABM Strategy sold separately
  • For 1:Few from £6k p/m
Amplify 1:1 Plus from


  • One-to-One (1:1)
  • Up to 120 ICP Companies
  • 5 Buying Committee Members
  • Sales Enablement Strategy/Assets
  • Sales Training on ABM
  • £3k ad spend inc. per month
  • Min 6 month campaign
  • ABM strategy sold separately
  • For 1:Few from £10.5k p/m
AMPLIFY 1:1 Pro from


  • One-to-one
  • Up to 250 ICP companies
  • All Buying Committee Members
  • Customer Onboarding Strategy
  • £6k ad spend inc. per month
  • Min 6-month campaign
  • ABM Strategy sold separately
  • For 1:Few from £16k p/m

What our clients say about us

Paul and the team are not only experts in marketing strategy, the tech sector and HubSpot; they also take great care and ownership of the campaigns they work on. I can highly recommend BIAS as a collaborative, honest and results-driven agency - particularly for fast-growing B2B tech/SaaS businesses.
Paul is one of the brightest minds out there on digital growth. He has deep insights coming from practical and extensive experience in demand generation, ABM and online marketing. Paul was able to holistically review our marketing and make a meaningful impact in improving it's performance. He is an absolute pleasure to work with!  
Paul is a natural leader with great communication skills, a sharp mind and good business sense. I find Paul's style refreshing - I know what I'm going to get with him, and that's considered advice and support that's been tailored to the needs of our business.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to prospective clients, he's been invaluable to Solace over the years.
James Hodgson 300Brains Sameer Bhatia Victoria Barton Rosenthal
James Hodgson, CEO @ 300Brains UK
Sameer Bhatia, Founder & CEO @ ProProfs
Victoria Barton-Rosenthal, Strategic Marketing Manager, @ Solace