Award-winning HubSpot Agency Partner

We've been delivering results for our customers since 2017 and have won 12 awards domestically and internationally for the work delivered to our customers.

We deliver sustainable growth strategies for marketing, revenue and product teams.


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We’re on a mission to help more companies succeed.

We optimise your go-to-market with our proprietary ARISE™ framework in under 45 days, and scale growth with our unique range of purpose-built products marketing, sales, customer success and product teams.

This includes aligning the revenue teams behind comprehensive customer acquisition programs consisting of Blended ABM, inbound, demand gen, sales enablement, growth-driven design and product-led growth.

We work with companies who want to

2 1-1
Make an impact with their GTM strategy
8 1-1
Build a sustainable framework for growth
5 1-1
Align teams to build towards a RevOps model
11 1-1
Gain new customers and retain and expand their existing ones
6 1-1
Eliminate wasted resources
13 1-1
Be proactive instead of reactive in their marketing, sales and CS processes

Making heroes out of business leaders

We help Go-To-Market and Product leaders align around a unified data set on HubSpot. Working with them to improve account conversion, optimise the sales engine, redesign the customer onboarding experience and realign the product feature roadmap.

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We use 15+ years of experience

We’ve worked within B2B SaaS, Fintech, financial services, and real-estate to craft proprietary frameworks that are practical, straightforward and steeped in real-world know-how.

We break these down into 30-60-90 day game plans so you know exactly what’s happening, when, and how. 

Everything we do is crafted to be done for, or with, you and your teams, taking the weight off your shoulders and upskilling accordingly.

Small crew, BIG impact

At Digital Bias, our small but mighty team is dedicated to delivering exceptional digital marketing results. With a tight-knit crew of creative experts, we leverage agility and innovation to craft powerful campaigns that drive big impact. Our compact team means seamless collaboration and swift execution, ensuring our clients achieve outstanding outcomes in the digital landscape. At Digital Bias, size doesn't limit us—it's our secret to unparalleled success.


Paul Sullivan

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Fawn Hudgens

VP Marketing & Content

Darlene Riveral

UX/UI Designer

Robert Norum

Senior ABM Consultant

Christina Garnett

Community Design Consultant

The Awards we’ve PICKED UP since 2017

CV magazine marketing PR and design awards
Best Inbound Agency London
CV magazine marketing PR and design awards
Best Campaign Mental Health
Best In Inbound Services UK
Most Innovative Web Design Agency
Web Design Agency Of The Year
International Business Web Design Award
Best Conversational Marketing Agency
Best SAAS Marketing Agency UK
Best B2B Tech Marketing Agency

Our Founder


Paul is the Founder of award-winning product marketing agency Digital BIAS and Leevr, a Martech startup, where he is passionate about driving growth within SaaS and Fintech - across marketing, sales, customer success and product. 

A former CTO, CMO and certified Product Marketing Leader with 15 years of experience across the go-to-market motion, he helps leaders shape company alignment and digital transformation programs that shift culture, increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Paul’s work. He started his career with JP Morgan, finding ways to automate processes and save 50+ man-hours a week. He continued this at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and UBS. Post-banking, he became a publisher and an advisor to early-stage SaaS, Fintech and Insurtech firms consulting on the go-to-market approach and further digitalisation of products, features and services. 

He is well-known for his time on season 12 of the BBC’s The Apprentice. Paul is also involved in MenTall, a mental health charity for men and was recently named as one of the 50 under 50 most Disruptive Leaders in Tech by Disruptor Magazine. He is also a regular contributor at Entrepreneur.

Additionally Paul mentors on five accelerator programs including Blockchain, CyberSecurity, Fintech, and SaaS where he is a resident PLG GTM expert.