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Sales Teams often rely on multiple snippets of information from different people to manage the customer relationship. Systemising the sales process is core to the success of a sales team irrelevant of the individual’s desire to utilise it or not. Our expertise is with the Hubspot CRM system. Easy to operate and use, it brings you meaningful information that you can capitalise on.

HubSpot’s CRM is user-friendly and intuitive to operate, but time to value can be vastly reduced with a partner experienced with the settings and integrations. 

BIAS will integrate your CRM, configure your deal stages, any custom properties, connect your sales teams inboxes, and integrate it with any of your third-party apps so that you’re seeing value, as quickly as possible.

B2B Fintech CRM & Rebrand

Contemplate the benefits of having every piece of information about your customers. Knowing which emails they have opened and revisited and tracking every occasion they interact with your website or marketing content. This CRM system tracks every piece of information it can in real-time.

You can see in real-time how each customer engages with your teams and systems. This ability allows you to be completely reactive to their needs and make immediate decisions to respond.  

In addition, your team can be more proactive in the longer term by understanding your customer habits. By building up a picture of your customers you’ll see how best to respond to them.


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The Bias team with Paul at the helm are incredible. They have listened to our brief, challenged our assumptions and built a plan for the coming years. If you're after a responsive and engaged partner then these guys are the people.




Working with BIAS to implement your HubSpot CRM will ensure your entire business drives value from it in the quickest possible time.

We can set up your HubSpot CRM as a stand-alone project or as a part of a sales enablement retainer.

Your team will enjoy a high level of functionality within this new CRM. Allowing you to plan and enhance your customer journey. The sales team will make decisions based on the most up-to-date information. Accrued in real-time and ready to use. They can create add-ons to customise the customer journey in a single click for additional sales opportunities.

It’s highly likely that you will have existing data that needs to be transferred across to your HubSpot CRM. We can prepare your new CRM to receive your data and migrate it via the most suitable route, depending on the source. 

For complex migrations we use migration partners – together we can migrate you from any CRM with no loss of information or accuracy. For more information, book a consultation with the form, by phone or chatbot.

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B2B Fintech CRM & Rebrand