BIAS Generates 300 leads in 10 weeks

Automated LinkedIn prospecting yields 300 leads in 10 weeks during COVID

The Background

Digital BIAS often likes to be our own best case study, testing out strategies and theories on our own business before applying them to our clients. When COVID struck, we opted to defer writing content and start reaching out to help people overcome the lead gen issues they believed they now faced.

The problem

The problem was that everyone was now focused on LinkedIn and cutting through the noise was becoming increasingly difficult. Moreso, there was a lot of bad automated spam going on and everyone suddenly became a LinkedIn marketing expert. This impacted agencies negatively. However, like most, BIAS still needed its own pipeline to keep it moving.

The requirement

We needed to test our theory that in some market conditions, you need to buck the trend and do the opposite of what everyone else does. So we used our in-house LinkedIn tool to SELL on LinkedIn, not market.

My gut said that everyone would be writing content on LinkedIn, I decided to sell help for a very specific problem.

Paul Sullivan - BIAS (1) small
Burint Bevis, MD BNM Analytics

Our results

I decided to use the LinkedIn platform to SELL help in the form of a marketing strategy for COVID situations which resulted in 300 leads in 10 weeks with 80 booked appointments. This resulted in an additional 9 clients for BIAS in Marketing, CRM and Website projects. The total revenue is in excess of £350,000.


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