Apr 10, 2020 Digital BIAS

How to Build Highly Effective LinkedIn Company Pages

When you create LinkedIn company pages, you define your business to interested parties. However, they also allow you to post high-quality educational content to other LinkedIn members. This will create excellent brand awareness and allow followers to share your content.

That means you can grow your brand, provide more information and connect with hundreds of potential new customers. If you already connect on this site with a personal profile, why not connect your business? Linkedin is, after all, the leading b2b social network!


Create LinkedIn Company Pages

Create company pages and connect with your customers, potential customers and other local and international businesses to expand your brand. With thousands of visitors every day, why wouldn't you? 

These company pages allow you to provide your company details, products and services and allow your fellow employees to share branded content. This is an excellent way to supplement your digital marketing reach.

You should also connect this page to your company website and add links to all your other social media connections. Add your company logo to increase visibility and appear in your employee work history. 

Another great benefit when you create LinkedIn company pages is connecting the profiles of your employees and their profiles. This demonstrates the company's size and skill set; customers can see the staff working there. 

Ideal for Small Business

Most small businesses have limited resources for their marketing strategies, and creating a company page on Linkedin is easy and free. That means you can use your marketing budget in other ways and still expand your reach.

In addition to this, writing a well-crafted company summary will help attract visitors and peak interest.  You can add photos of your store, office, brand, and products or services. Also, company size, location, specialities and anything else you feel will benefit your sales. LinkedIn offers showcase pages that enable you to embellish your individual products or services. 

Using great imagery or, better still video will attract people's attention much faster than mere text. You can tell a complete story with only one or two images or a short video. Let them see the product before they contact your sales team. Things move very quickly online, and you want to grab their attention fast. 

You can add as much information about your company as you need. History, founder, years in business and mention any press or awards you have received. Links to your employees and their profiles will help fill out the company page and humanise it. People like to know they are dealing with actual people. 

Focusing on Sales

One of the greatest features is adding information, updating sales or product details, and informing people about upcoming sales or events. You can also add new content as you go, regularly send it out with other social platforms, and link them all to this page. 

Many companies use marketing automation platforms like Hubspot, which feature social media management tools. It's the perfect way to expand your reach and promote your business to those who may not follow you on all platforms. Include the link in your email promotions, as well. 

Reviews are a must! You can ask your current customers to write reviews on your company profile page or post some you already have. Customer testimonials are great for sales and cost you nothing. People like to read what other people think and tend to believe your past customers over your sales pitch. 

Best Product or First

Put your best service or product front and centre. Let that speak for you and your company. When people see that, it should let them know what you are all about. 

With LinkedIn pages, you can monitor what is happening with visual analytics. You can focus on your target audience and offer choices for how your audience connects with you with a call to action button. 

With more ways to connect, you can share your company's accomplishments and content from your company blog, whitepapers or webinars and keep the page current. As LinkedIn shares content suggestions into your feed, it’s a great way to promote your best content for free.

With this essentially being a business networking site, you can also find and meet with potential new employees, suppliers and other people who can help promote and grow your company. 

Unlike many other social media sites, however, this one has the reputation of professionalism, getting things done and connecting you to other professionals. 


Great Customer Potential

LinkedIn has thousands of potential customers visiting every day. It is already the most popular site for professionals and business-to-business connections. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of promoting your business even further with LinkedIn groups? 

Make more connections, increase your brand reach and increase engagement where it matters most. Plus, it is free to join, so if you imagine how many more people will be aware of your business or products, creating a company page or your own business featured group makes the best sense. 

Making people aware of your brand is as easy as hitting the follow button. Good content is updated regularly, and use the targeted company page updates to make sure content is available to whom you choose. 

LinkedIn is more than a resume site. It's become a professional marketplace. A marketplace you should be a part of to get the most out of your marketing strategy and meet new customers. 

Published by Digital BIAS April 10, 2020