Custom Growth-Driven Design Website on Hubspot CMS

ESG Sector Case Study

Company Profile

BIAS worked with the category leader in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) software space. It’s not the company's size that positions it as a leader but its unique product and service offering.

Our client is the only platform in its space to offer both consultative and operational solutions, as other platforms are operational only. This gives it a competitive advantage at the corporate and C-Suite levels as organisational change can often require multiple focus groups and complex stakeholder relationships to navigate, as well as hand-holding during implementation.



Increase in website traffic post-launch



Improvement in technical SEO performance to 92/100

The Approach

BIAS does not advise companies to take big bets on one-off front-end redesigns for websites.

Unlike other agencies, we prefer to build out a scaled-back MVP that covers your most needed bases and pages and then scale out further pages based on the user behaviour of your website prospects.

Couple this with real-time A/B testing on HubSpot CMS, you have a holistic conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation process inbuilt from the outset.

This enables your internal team or us as an agency partner to deliver month-on-month design and growth sprints ensuring maximum conversion time and again.


The current site scores 87% for core web vitals, 96% overall for site performance, 93% for crawlability and 100% for markup.

The site has been re-optimised around current search terms, but the internal marketing team have work to do to rank for the killer keywords that will help pay off.

Our Client's Feedback

You delivered fully optimised and ahead of the delivery date; the website delivered us the highest traffic in over a year, a 245% increase.
Fawn Hudgens
Fawn Hudgens, VP of Marketing - ESG Platform