Done for you customer experience design and onboarding strategy on HubSpot

We specialise in strategic experience design consultancy and health-scored onboarding for Customer Success teams on Hubspot, supporting pre- and post-contract revenue opportunities.

Customer success specialists for teams on Hubspot

BIAS work with B2B customer success teams that work on HubSpot. With our RevOps focus and the deep alignment between marketing, sales and success, we deliver tailored programs with Hubspot Service Hub, ClickUp and Arrows.

Our team offers a done-for-you service and strategic consultancy for teams that prefer to be more hands-on.

Discuss CS on HubSpot with BIAS

Hubspot Service Hub is your customer success software

For Hubspot Service Hub onboarding, BIAS is your first step. Our team has a solution for your business with hands-on standard onboarding in line with HubSpot’s best practices and fully customised onboarding with health-scored activities.

We take your ideas and needs and quickly turn them into actionable, intelligence-led activities, capitalising on the best parts of an integrated CRM/CSM system, ClickUps bi-directional feed into HubSpot and for managing your tasks. 

Customer success best practices for the killer customer experience

Let’s face it. A poor customer experience (CX) leads to churn, negative online comments and a poor online reputation. BIAS has over 15 years of experience crafting and designing success programs for customer support teams and sales and marketing.

Rather than approach your organisation's customer success program from a book, we rely on our experience, your needs and your understanding of your customer and the business's goals. This enables us to define your unique customer experience program from scratch and a maturity model to enhance and develop over time.

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Bespoke Customer Experience (CX) program

Connected data, connected workflows, connected experiences. These are the baseline for our team to bounce from when creating your personalised onboarding experience. We align with the sales team, product marketing and the marketing function to align Customer Success with revenue operations.

By working with HubSpot Service Hub and Arrows and Clickup, you can predefine your onboarding using Arrows, use ClickUp to manage your “doing tasks”, and Service Hub to health score your onboarding time and again. This enables your CS leaders to contribute positively to the data collection process and focus on optimising the onboarding experience.

Start your Customer Success and Onboarding with a workshop

As specialists in RevOps and go-to-market for b2b saas and fintech firms, we are already tightly aligning marketing, sales and success. 

Customer success workshops are a crucial focus for BIAS as we deliver customer success programs panning both online and offline journeys. Employing tools that enable standard features like tickets, automation (pro and enterprise only), NPS and surveys, and building health-scored onboarding programs for software and technology companies.

Our long-term practical experience optimising the customer journey from inside and outside SaaS sets us apart from other standard HubSpot solution partners.

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Customer Success Consultation

Tighten your grip on your customer and improve their experience across departments. Use your new 360-degree view of the customer to increase retention, reduce churn and drive profitability.