Gain the vital experience of a CMO but only for the time you need

For many small or early-stage businesses, a fractional CMO is the perfect hire for experience and governance of your go-to-market strategy.

Why choose a Fractional CMO at BIAS


A fractional CMO is a marketing leader who has a depth of experience in a particular industry or niche, that works with startups, and smaller and mid-sized businesses that need advice and guidance around customer acquisition. These typically include marketing strategy, sales development and enablement, growth opportunities, partnerships, finances and product alignment.

They work closely with founders and business owners to help them make the right decisions but only on a limited or fractional basis. This can be one day per month or two or three, but not a full-time or part-time hire. They retain their status as an advisor or a consultant with specific goals to deliver.

With 25 years of experience in business and a skill set that encompasses marketing, sales and product growth, Paul Sullivan is an ideal fractional CMO. He has a unique vision and approach that is founder-led and budget-conscious. It was this approach that led him to develop his own ARISE methodology. He looks to extract every ounce of value from his time and his strategy and prides himself on his ability to remain neutral and retain clarity in his decision-making; separately from the founder’s team. 

His fractional CMO service for startups broadly provides more value than a traditional fractional CMO as his experience around SaaS specifically, gives him unique insights and a “whole of business approach” as he is a certified product marketing leader.

Product marketers work with the C-Suite, marketing teams, and sales teams, and finance the product development team to align the business to its desired goals. That could be a sales-led top-down model or a product-led bottom-up model. Whatever your needs, working with Paul would give you a good advantage because he remains neutral in his decision-making and brings his experience of being a founder himself, working with other startups and scaleups and his enterprise experience too. Let’s not also forget that he remains tightly connected to the VC community and he can add value to the business making it more attractive to investors down the road.


Reasons your startup or small business would need a fractional CMO

  • You need a senior experienced marketing leader to guide your junior or less experienced full-time team.
  • Your business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy for your niche and industry. Such as a Fractional CMO with years of experience in SaaS or financial services. 
  • You require the skill set of a chief marketing officer, but not full-time. Hiring a fractional CMO can give you 5-10 hours per week or a few days per month. 
  • You have staff to execute marketing campaigns, but they lack strategic experience. Therefore, you need someone who has done it before and can foresee challenges and obstacles and has executive-level experience. 
  • You need someone to develop a framework for your campaigns and have someone lead weekly/monthly KPI meetings and maintain accountability.
  • You need to improve marketing campaign optimisation by having an expert identify opportunities and new possibilities.  
  • You are a startup or are launching a new product or service for your business. You need the expertise of a marketing leader that can work alongside your incumbent team to advise of pitfalls and roadblocks in addition to helping set the go-to-market strategy
  • You need a mature marketing plan/marketing program but don’t have the experience to deliver it.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for both the short-term and long-term and setting the KPI’s. 
  • Deciding and committing to which marketing strategies are best for your business
  • Solving marketing problems with a quick resolution.
  • Leading the marketing department and inspiring team members to deliver better marketing efforts. 
  • Hiring new employees and building out your team for success.
  • Working with outsourced agencies leaning on their experience.
  • Aligning the business across RevOps, product and customer success
  • Help with positioning and messaging in the marketplace
  • Work with your product team to align marketing and sales to the onboarding process
  • Helping with training & development


Fractional CMO responsibilities at a glance