Dedicated Product Marketing Specialists

Digital BIAS provides dedicated product marketing resources for fixed-term projects of a minimum of eight hours per week.

Meet some of our specialists

Enquire about our team of experienced fractional product marketers, who can help your product through early-stage growth with their deep startup and enterprise backgrounds. Please note we recruit talent daily and this page is not always fully up to date, please enquire for more information.
Elcin Nevruz

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Paul Sullivan

CTO, CMO, PLG Expert

Delivering your advantage

Digital BIAS supplies highly experienced fractional product marketers. From a minimum of one day per week (8 hours), you can bring in a dedicated fixed-term resource that has worked with the biggest names in tech, giving your team the credibility and background needed to succeed.

To find out more about our Fractional Product Marketers send us your details today and we will get back to you promptly.