HubSpot Inbound Marketing for Start Ups

Founders and Startups often suffer from the same problems. Knowing how to start and not where to start. Digital BIAS makes that easy.

Identify your personas

You have to speak to your personas to fully understand their pain points, buying criteria and decision-making process. Without these, you cannot expect to win.


Talk to their pain

A persona-led approach to content creation requires you first to fully understand the pain of your customer, not how your product solves it for them. Only then can you get to their emotional need.


Help them buy from you

Once you've understood and optimised your strategy around your persona, you have to optimise your website for their buying experience and search results.

Optimising the Flywheel


BIAS has extensive experience working with startups and founders to onboard the HubSpot technology stack.

Built around a team that knew what they wanted from HubSpot but not how to execute the adoption of it, BIAS has devised a "hands-off" approach for founders removing the pain of getting set up.

That doesn't mean that there is absolutely nothing for you to do at all, we need to know your strategy and there are elements that require a collaborative approach, but in the main, we tinker whilst you do what you do best.

In addition, for those that can't afford an agency retainer, we offer a fractional CMO service for startups so you can get the experience at a price-point that makes sense.

After our initial exploratory call, BIAS will "onboard" your company to the technology in full. This means setting your CRM and HubSpot Hub tools to synergise and work effectively based on your minimum "kick-off" requirements.

Our deliverables will include, but are not limited to:

  • ensuring your team is set up and integrated into your incumbent technologies (Outlook, Google etc)
  • ensuring your team is assigned the appropriate video-based learning certifications
  • ensuring lists, reporting, social media, landing pages, workflows, automation, custom CRM objects etc are all set up to your custom requirements
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Onboarding you right

When it comes to kicking off your inbound marketing strategy, there are a few things to consider and BIAS will help you define those from the outset.

From our carefully crafted discovery and onboarding sessions to our structured, 30-60-90 day progress plans. We are geared up for your success, and we have proven results to back that up.

You should consider that inbound requires a certain regularity to outputs of content that is more driven by search engines than our own decisions. For example, producing a single blog post per week is likely to have you extending results by three or four months above those that commit to two posts per week.

Our team will carefully assess and advise on a stage-by-stage process, ensuring you are fully educated and understanding of the demands to compete in content in todays marketplace.

Who do you target?



How to target personas

Inbound marketing works by aligning your digital strategy across your core channels of engagement to one defined outcome. Therefore you can work entirely with a team like BIAS to ensure success across the:

  • Blog Posts
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Content Aggregation Sites
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Paid Marketing

This strategy requires a lot of automation for complete effectiveness and therefore BIAS is a proven delivery partner in HubSpot's marketing automation and CRM technology.

The team here are a friendly bunch. We are driven and constantly challenge ourselves and the status quo, which is why we love working with forward-thinking founders and leaders.

So, if you are considering having a chat with us, the best place to start is by being honest and laying all bare. 

Not only are we tech enthusiasts, but we also have product-led growth-certified team members who know how to grow a SaaS company. By laying out your business strategy and growth goals, it will enable us to clearly identify opportunities early in the consideration process which benefit your organisation.

On top of that, we are budget managers, of course, we all would love to throw endless pots of cash at the solution, but we have a more pragmatic and measured approach.

Ultimately, we are on your side,  with an open, honest and transparent approach, to supporting your goals through agency services and training and development.

Why work with BIAS

Inbound Marketing Consultation

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