DSMN8 helps companies amplify their company message by developing employee influencer programs that empower and reward their internal brand advocates.

They help businesses of all sizes maximize the ROI of their marketing and branding efforts through their employees. In order to achieve their mission, we work at a granular level and continuously develop our platform.

The Solution

We began working with DSMN8 with a two-day consulting and implementation workshop. Firstly, we discussed their current situation and where they needed to get to. Throughout this discussion, we spoke about decreasing the number of stages within their existing pipeline to gain better visibility on where their deals are at all stages. Together, we worked with Bradley and Jody on our ‘Pipeline Matrix’ swipe file, detailing the changes that needed to be made and what information needed to be captured at each stage of the buyer's journey.

Following this, we spent the next part of the work looking to consolidate these changes within HubSpot. BIAS created 7+ task-based deal workflows that automated the entire revenue process for DSMN8. The workflows comprised the properties that needed to be updated as part of the sales sequence, alongside a task for the sales reps to ensure the data was fully enriched and entered into the CRM. These workflows were replicated across the new stages.

DSMN8 HubSpot Workflow 

Once we put an MVP together, we stress-tested the performance to ensure there were no leaks or inefficiencies within the automation. After a couple of tweaks throughout the duration of the workshop, we were able to create a fit-for-purpose pipeline for DSMN8 to start using.

As for the revamped reporting, we worked with Bradley to decipher reports we could create quickly and scale as new team members got onboarded. After compiling a list of reports that Bradley wanted within the portal, BIAS created a sales report dashboard that the team could use from the opening day of the automated pipeline.

Lastly, we created a data hygiene dashboard for DSMN8 to identify gaps within their existing data with clear ways to fix and enrich this data quickly.

DSMN8 HubSpot sales reporting

The Result

Hi-Books walked away with a clear path to redesign their front-end and customer onboarding experience, moving to outcome-focused onboarding. There are three key things that you can do on the platform:

1) Set up your company

2) Go straight to setting up an invoice

3) Scan a receipt to document spending.

The original design made the user walk around the entire system regardless of their end goal. The redesign will now focus on where the user needs to be and take them straight there.

The leadership team also went deep into pricing models and strategy with BIAS. They left with a thorough understanding of what wouldn’t work and several options they are currently testing with clients to determine the best fit. 

They are considering further GTM strategy support, including sales enablement. 

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