Bias migrates B2B Fintech WordPress Site to HubSpot CMS

After successfully migrating from Pipedrive to HubSpot and integrating Drift, BIAS rebrands and redesigns the website on HubSpot CMS.

Company Profile

HUBX transforms private placement and loan syndication deal distribution for banks and exchanges by connecting them into core systems to deliver dynamic data insights and a richer customer experience.

As capital markets and technology experts, HubX builds deal syndication tools for banks and financial institutions to embrace the platform model of tomorrow.

HubX digitises private placements and syndicated loans to deliver end-to-end execution.


HubSpot CMS self-managed solution delivered



HubSpot integration; Marketing Pro, Sales Pro, CMS Pro

The Problem

The problem the team at HubX had was that the WordPress website they had wasn’t easy to update and effect changes. This was due to the many hard-coded features on the website.

The goal was to have a solution that allowed quick changes by the incumbent team and did not rely on an external agency to facilitate changes.
wordpress to hubspot cms

Approach and Strategy

We brought them to an understanding that the company website would do well to move to HubSpot CMS, given the added power of the integrated prospect and customer data they could gather from a unified CRM/CMS.

We initially worked with the sales and leadership teams to design an updated front-end and user journey for the HubSpot CMS website to move the project forward.

This included wireframes, which brought the high-resolution designs to life in Adobe XD and showed how the moving elements we created would enhance the user experience.

We created custom micro-moving elements and iconography to form part of the new brand guidelines and help sell the product visually.

This was then coded onto the HubSpot CMS with a drag-and-drop editor, which enabled the internal teams to use customised modules or create their own with the standard editor features.


HubX is now effectively set up to run a smaller sales team handling larger traffic, and inbound enquiries as Drift is disqualifying leads, as well as routing, leads to the incumbent sales team.

The CRO with who we worked closely on this project told us productivity was up and that admin was down. CRM data was better enriched, and the nurturing sequences were supporting the sales teams' inbound and outbound activities.

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The difference with Paul at Bias is that not only does he understand the what and why, but he also knows the right way to deploy the tech to get the best result.
Ray de Silva
Ray De Silva