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Product Led Growth initiatives are being adopted by the world's largest SaaS platforms with the sole aim of making customer acquisition a smoother, customer-led motion.

Our qualified and experienced product marketing and PLG team help leaders across the Go To Market (GTM) motion.


The PLG Flywheel

Product-led growth (PLG) is the strategy that technology and software companies adopt when they stop leading with a traditional sales-only (top-down) strategy.

By following the process of the PLG flywheel to activate your new registrants, you can optimise your onboarding for lasting relationships and higher MRR/ARR.

  • Activate
  • Adopt
  • Adore
  • Advocate

PLG and Inbound combine for accelerated results

Once you nail your PLG approach and optimise your onboarding the top of the funnel is wide open. That alone will not solve your problems, you still need to drive traffic to your website and for many companies, this becomes an omnichannel approach using inbound marketing or even a combination of inbound and ABM.

By combining the two flywheels, you really are maximising the opportunity to deliver the right qualified traffic into a wide-open platform where your ICP can evaluate your product and build their own experience.

This should lead to higher conversions, quicker time-to-value and quicker time-to-revenue.


A unique combination of strategy, tech know-how and implementation

Ray de Silva
Ray de Silva, CCO, HubX Capital

Adopting a product-led strategy

SaaS organisations that lead with a demo so that the sales team can walk the prospect to the finishing line keep everything tight at the top of the funnel. 

With a PLG strategy, you flip that model and open up the solution to scrutiny, widening the top of the funnel with alternative options like a freemium or free trial. However, this is more than simply implementing a freemium model or a free trial. It’s about fully committing to the product being the lead sales tool, not the sales team.

Adopting a product-led strategy isn’t for every SaaS platform. There are reasons that some SaaS products simply don’t fit a PLG approach, for example, certain enterprise solutions do require a demonstration-led approach. These types of platforms suit the sales-led approach and whilst you can still run processes to establish a concrete decision, it’s often easier to lead with sales.

When your software can be opened up to a freemium model, of which there are at least eight different options, and the organisation has the ability from a financial perspective to carry a large swathe of free users, PLG can make sense. If you can’t then obviously less so. 

However, again, it’s not about freemium, it’s about a wholesale mindset change and organisational change which requires alignment of several departments to achieve a product-led approach.


We help you deliver PLG

The team at Digital BIAS are certified experts in adopting, implementing and moving SaaS companies into and through a product-led transformation. We can help: 

  • define your onboarding process, 
  • choose from a range of free to freemium models, 
  • build your internal tiger teams
  • define your bottom-up model, 
  • remove your top-down model
  • establish a time-to-value PLG approach
  • Implement your product-marketing game plan

If you are considering a move to a product-led growth approach for your SaaS platform talk to one of the consultants today. You can use the form or chat live. We look forward to speaking to you presently.

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