300Brains is a multinational group delivering product consultancy and technology development for clients worldwide.

They are characterised by their agile way of working and extensive knowledge in the finance and insurance industries, helping international companies with their technical development and other subsidiary services such as Fractional CTO and testing as a service.

The Solution

After several consultation calls with James before starting, we agreed on a sales enablement strategy. This strategy was devised to leverage the most of what existed and what James needed to go to market.

The first step was onboarding him onto HubSpot. After working with James to fill in our Pipeline matrix, we were able to ascertain the number of steps needed in the sales pipeline and the required properties for each stage. This is important to ensure all customer data is enriched and can be passed on efficiently from team to team.

Example pipeline planning for the HubSpot Sales CRM.

Pipeline planning for sales enablement

The Result

Following that, we implemented an automated, task-based workflow that enabled the 300 Brains team to work through different sales tasks to move deals across the pipeline. As they were task-based, this enabled 300 Brains to work out of HubSpot's new prospecting dashboard and accurately measure sales output throughout the days, weeks and months.

Following this and ensuring the account defaults and ‘hubs’ were set up correctly, we began working on the landing page. This was to act as a UK alternative to the existing 300 Brains website. Using HubSpot’s native landing page builder tools, we worked with James to craft a landing page optimised for conversions, encouraging the audience to book a video call with the sales leader (James). The landing page is viewed as a ‘moving project’, using key GDD methodologies to continually develop this page and ensure it’s optimised for conversions.

Finally, we prepared various assets, including an eBook, Sales One-pager and ads. The eBook targeted the Fintech industry, explaining how that vertical can counteract key challenges in outsourcing technology development. We leaned into James’ extensive contact base and global 300 Brains team members to craft an expert insight into scaling your product more sustainably and successfully. We created LinkedIn Ads to go alongside this eBook for lead generation.

The BIAS team wrote and designed the sales one-pager to help potential customers get a snapshot of what 300 Brains has to offer and their services. This has helped James prospect more effectively and has been received positively by those who have received a copy of the one-pager.

HubSpot Implementation example

HubSpot Implementation example

Our clients feedback

The team at Digital BIAS were incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the strategic, implementation and operational phases of our campaigns. They bought a tremendous amount of industry knowledge both in their expert understanding of HubSpot and in creating engaging sales enablement campaigns and were able to automate many of our sales processes.

Paul and the team were always great to work with and, importantly, came with their ideas but also tried the utmost to understand our business needs. They helped create ideal buyers and personas and gave a lot of value to the campaigns, and we're very invested in the results.

I recommend Digital BIAS for any fast-growing tech or SaaS business looking to accelerate growth through product-based marketing, as they are results-oriented, personable, and highly knowledgeable in the sector.

James Hodgson 300Brains
James Hodgson, UK CEO 300Brains