Sales Enablement Workshop From £5k

No matter what stage your sales organisation has reached, employing a sales enablement strategy is a key implementation for growth.


Sales Enablement Workshop

The sales enablement workshop can be designed to deliver results no matter what stage of your business's development. From early-stage startups to enterprise sales teams.

Our qualified and certified expertise in the sales enablement processes allows our team to come together with your sales leaders and help your business build its sales playbook.

We cover thirteen different aspects of the sales process providing worksheets templates and frameworks to help you build messaging and positioning during the process.

Sales enablement Guide

Do you want to find out what we know about sales enablement before you talk to us? Why not read our latest guide if you like it, then you can take it away afterwards. We practice ungated content here at BIAS. No details are needed to read.

Sales enablement with hubspot

Your workshop includes

The workshop will be broken down into the following stages.

The business model analysis process will enable you to fully understand the model your business operates under and how it benefits the business and its customers.

The positioning element of the workshop will help you to tell the story of your business to your customers as well as remove benefits-only sales messaging. We also work on your messaging as part of this sales process.

We close with sales enablement where we will give you the tools you need to qualify, answer objections, and build scripts and email templates which will close with you having a fully developed sales playbook.

  • CRM Audit

  • Business model analysis

  • Positioning & messaging audit
  • Sales enablement framework

  • Tech stack audit

What you will take away

The outcome of this workshop is that your team will have a fully-fledged sales enablement process that they can take to market. We ensure you have a program of continuous development as a culture around your sales process.

Takeaways will include:

  • a fully documented sales process, standardised and measurable
  • a fully documented sales funnel with stages and tactics
  • sales scripts
  • objection handling scripts
  • product demo checklist
  • sales confidence survey questionnaire
  • sales battle cards

Workshops are customised to suit the size of the team and the stage of business development.

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Sales Enablement Workshop


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You get

  • An upfront review of your current process
  • A report detailing our thoughts and ideas
  • Cross-functional input into the sales process
  • Sales enablement framework
  • Tech stack audit and suggestions
  • Option to execute on your behalf