The Benefits Of APIs And SDKs In Mobile Development


The Benefits Of APIs And SDKs In Mobile Development

The seemingly unstoppable rise of the mobile device has naturally led to a dramatic upturn in the amount of apps being created over the last few years. Mobile development is now big business and developers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve the apps that they produce.

APIs and SDKs are two sets of technology that are helping to make that happen. Before we dig deeper into the benefits of using them in mobile development, let’s take a look at each in a little more detail.

What Are APIs And SDKs And How Do They Aid Development?

API – Application Programming Interfaces are generally a set of procedures and standards that enable developers to access web-based software applications or a specific web tool. APIs give the developers the freedom to incorporate parts of the issuers’ data, such as updated product descriptions and prices, into their own applications.

APIs are software-to-software interfaces, meaning that individual APIs are able to exchange information between each other without any user intervention. Seamless integration means that the end user has no idea of the complexity of something like an everyday web purchase, as they will only ever be interacting with one interface. However, in order for that purchase to take place safely and securely, a number of APIs will be working together to make that transaction happen behind the scenes.

SDK – Software Development Kits are more like a developer’s toolbox rather than a standalone interface. SDKs can be as simple as an API with a few additional files that would enable communication with a specific programming language, or a full suite of development tools.

SDKs are more often than not provided free of charge in order to encourage usage. Their modus operandi is to provide developers with an easy package within which they can produce a new application without the need to search for the individual compatible components needed to make the program work.

The Business Benefits

Using either of these technologies for mobile development can benefit a business in numerous ways:

  1. Keep Apps Light Without Compromising On Power

Small, yet powerful apps can be built with the help of APIs and SDKs. Having a mobile app that has the capability to push files and retrieve data quickly is paramount, and by utilising APIs and SDKs you will be able to retain functionality whilst keeping your application lightweight and streamlined.

  1. Greater Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering is all-important to modern businesses, and APIs and SDKs can help your company draw data and manage computations without the need to incorporate your own specific algorithms. Analytics are also improved with the adoption of the right SDK for your business, allowing you to track and view your apps growth metrics without negatively impacting on performance.

  1. Improved Conversion Rates and Brand Loyalty

Integrating an API into your mobile application can provide your users with up to the minute information that will make your app far stickier than if they had to go elsewhere to find out what they need to know. Instead of making your customer revert back to Google to answer a query – such as the latest sports scores if you are running a gambling app – you can incorporate an API that provides the information needed there and then, thus improving retention and making a conversion via the app more likely.

  1. Higher Quality Lead Generation Via Social Signals

Keeping an active eye on social signals could bring in higher quality leads when you use an API to cross-reference email addresses stored within your customer database with active social media profiles. By matching the two together, you will be able to use the insights available from the social media accounts to gain a greater understanding of a particular individual’s relationship with your brand. This can serve as a reasonably accurate predictor to the way that they may perceive any new products you are considering launching.

If your company is in the mobile applications market, APIs and SDKs are tools that can not only help your developers produce better applications, they are pieces of technology that can help your business grow too. APIs and SDKs can give you a greater feel for your client base and provide the end user with a far richer experience, both of which can only be a good thing.

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