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We help HubSpot-enabled teams build account-based solutions for products and services with complex or lengthy sales cycles priced above £20k per year.

Helping B2B marketing and revenue teams land, expand and retain key accounts

Are you looking to close, retain, or upsell enterprise or key target accounts? Let's talk about how you can enable your strategy and execution of account-based marketing programs.
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Sell ABM to your leadership

Download our pre-built swipe file, giving you all the answers and supporting information to allow your business leaders to understand why, how and when they should shift to an account-based approach.

Account-based marketing consulting

It is, bar none, the most effective marketing strategy out there. 91% of companies say using ABM increases their average deal size, and 85% of marketers say ABM outperforms all other marketing investments.

Today’s economic climate demands less waste and more intelligent strategies. With a highly complex B2B buying cycle, the traditional lead handoff from marketing to sales is no longer the efficient or effective option. 

ABM gives you: Bigger wins—higher close rates. Better customer satisfaction. Increased LTV. We’ve got the numbers to prove it. Did we mention that it also aligns your marketing and sales teams?
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of companies say using ABM increases their average deal size.



of marketers report improved win rates with ABM.

Focus on ROI and business outcomes

The effectiveness of your ABM strategy is measured by its impact on your ROI and business outcomes. We help you drive measurable results, such as:

  • Increased lead quality
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Higher conversion rates 

You can demonstrate to your teams and leadership how ABM contributes to these outcomes through our detailed reporting and analysis.

Effective tracking and attribution

Understanding the influence of ABM efforts on opportunities is vital for B2B SaaS and fintech companies. Best practices include using a model or framework that accurately tracks the marketing team's influence on sales opportunities. 

This involves leveraging tools and platforms that can provide a clear attribution model, showing how ABM activities contribute to conversions and sales.

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Scalability and flexibility

As your business grows and evolves, your ABM needs may change. Choosing a service that offers scalability and flexibility is important, allowing you or us to adjust your ABM strategy and tactics as needed. This includes the ability to: 

  • Scale up or down based on performance 
  • Adapt to budget changes
  • Align to shifts in business strategy

You can rest assured that our regular ABM performance updates allow for transparent forecasting and the ability to pivot in a controlled and managed environment.

Integration with existing sales and marketing efforts

Your chosen ABM service should seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing and sales efforts. This includes compatibility with your CRM system, marketing automation tools and sales processes. Effective integration ensures that ABM efforts complement and enhance your overall marketing strategy rather than operating in a silo.

Our expertise in ABM with HubSpot CRM, predesigned reporting and ability to work with incumbent teams or other external agencies ensures reduced friction and increased productivity.



Our team offers both a done-for-you service and a done-with-you strategic ABM consultancy for teams that prefer to be more hands-on. We’ll help determine whether a 1:1, 1:Few, 1:Many or a combination is the right approach to help your business grow. 

We provide complete transparency regarding our methodologies, strategies and the performance of your campaigns. You can monitor spending, performance and the overall effectiveness of the campaigns without being dependent on us for information. 

We move fast so you can win fast. But speed doesn’t mean haste. We guarantee to:

  • Take the time to understand your actionable needs
  • Embed with your team to understand your specific business needs, target audience and industry nuances
  • Deliver comprehensive research packages to ground our proposed solutions

Let's discuss your ABM strategy

BIAS can support you if you're a B2B company curious about embarking on an ABM program. 

You can expect a kick-off with a series of mini-workshops to align internal teams, the leadership and any third parties. Check out our ABM eBook, which dives deeply into the thought process and practical approaches we have defined here at BIAS.

Frequently asked questions

How effective is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing data shows that this B2B marketing strategy provides the best ROI. 

91% of companies say that using ABM increases their average deal size, and 85% of marketers say that ABM outperforms all other marketing investments.

How much does account-based marketing cost?

In truth, your costs are driven by how aggressive you want to be in acquiring new accounts or expanding current ones.

However, we provide fixed-fee services based on a number of accounts with fixed support services as well as custom pricing for companies with a particular strategic need.

Is ABM worth the investment?

As the privacy laws shift, questions are being asked about the longevity of ABM as a go-to-market strategy.

ABM is B2B marketing done right for high-value tech products. The deep focus on highly personalised outreach to only your best-fit prospects aligns with the strict laws currently being implemented.

How does ABM align with the customer journey?

To execute ABM well, you need to employ a sales enablement plan alongside the marketing plan - therefore highly aligning the two teams to a single account outcome.

Given that ABM is as focused on the post-closed-won account experience as the pre-closed-won journey, it is an ideal solution to address this problem.


When will I close my first account?

Each company has to consider the underlying elements of their current performance.

Consider your typical sales cycle and length to close a deal, as well as what your goals are around shortening that cycle, increasing average deal size, and expanding current clients across further products.

These all impact the ability to land or expand accounts more quickly.

How does your team support account-based marketing?

Our team is made of deeply experienced senior professionals across content production, technology, research and the different ABM strategies.

We can augment your team or be the outsourced solution provider.

What ABM tools does your team use?

Our services primarily focus on teams using HubSpot CRM and an integrated ABM platform.

RollWorks, Demandbase, and 6Sense are tools we are familiar with.