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The Art of Conversational Marketing


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    • 400% Increase in conversions (up to)
    • 64% of Baby Boomers want chatbots on a website
    • 64% of Millenials also want chatbots on a website
    • A perfect Human/Hybrid model


Now read our guide to implementing conversational marketing, 4X your conversions and increase sales opportunities. Just click and read!


Conversational Marketing Pricing Options


The Drift conversational marketing platform is required and is not included in the package pricing.

Great Prices

Monthly Plans


Credit Terms*

To Get GoingJumpoff Campaign
£ 3500

A 90 day Jumpoff is designed to enable businesses to rapidly deploy their conversational marketing stategy. This package is specifically designed to get playbooks implemented and transfer ownership to an internal team.


Includes: Playbooks, Website Audit, CRM Integration, Calendar Integration, Sales Team Set Up, Replacing Forms, Training, Playbook Measurement

Most Popular
To Drive GrowthAccelerated Conversion Campaign
£ 5500

The comprehensive package. Designed for businesses that want to maximise the inbound funnel service with serious results in mind. This retainer is a solid choice for going for accelerated growth.


Includes: As per Jumpoff, Content Audit, Keyword Strategy, Persona Development, Funnel Development

For EnterpriseABM Campaigns

An Account Based Conversational Marketing strategy is the number one choice for serious B2B sales teams. Setting up campaigns that recognise companies as they arrive on your website from paid ads or targeted content, is the ultimate in personalisation.


BIAS can tailor a package designed to meet your specific needs, whatever the ambition.

Choose From

  • 90 Day Packages
  • 6 Month Packages
  • Website Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Playbooks
  • CRM Integration
  • Buyer Personas
  • Calendar Integration
  • Multiple Playbooks
  • Sales Team Setup
  • Funnel Development
  • Replace Forms
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Measure Playbooks
  • Training
  • Drift Pro
  • Drift Enterprise
  • Linkedin Paid Ads

Convert More Sales Directly On Your Website  

Drift Conversational Platform

What is Conversational Marketing?


BIAS is London.s leading conversational marketing agency. Conversational marketing describes the digital marketing strategy that brings the conversation to your website visitors through the use of chatbots.


By focusing on prospect qualification rather than upfront nurturing, you can increase conversions by up to 400%. This is achieved using chat tree strategy than a purely AI or machine learning chatbot. Our platform is more than an automated chatbot and far superior to web chat services more commonly seen on websites.


But conversational marketing is more than just digital marketing, it’s a front end sales and marketing strategy. Delivered through carefully written conversations designed to qualify your website traffic upon arrival on your high intent web pages.


Whilst inbound marketing is the perfect compliment to conversational marketing, going “conversational” puts your sales team back in control. Sales teams have been on the receiving end of long lead nurturing campaigns which often deliver low-quality sales opportunities. By choosing to take your business conversational you qualify whether a prospect is ready to buy upfront. If not then move them to a lead nurturing campaign until they are ready to convert.


BIAS is a leading conversational chatbot marketing agency based in London, contact us for more information on using chat in your marketing plan.

Focus On Building Relationships

How it helps your Business


Conversational marketing is suitable for businesses that seek to identify sales opportunities at the earliest point in the funnel. Businesses that have clearly aligned marketing and sales goals. Who gets high volume website traffic and are seeking improved sales success.


A chatbot marketing strategy puts sales firmly front and centre and it is suitable for both mobile and static sales teams. By syncing with your email as well as your CRM and your marketing automation platform it’s seamless integration. Utilised by businesses from tech to e-commerce, real estate to financial services, more sales and marketing teams are focusing on chat.


When questioned over 60% of both millennials and baby boomers said that they would use chatbots for answers to quick questions. They also said they would use chatbots for 24-hour access to a brand?


The case for a conversational approach to your sales strategy is strong, but what are you going to do about it? Speak to BIAS, London's leading conversational marketing agency today!

What you should expect

Our approach


BIAS have a well-crafted approach to helping our partners to transition to conversational marketing. As you can imagine we work hard to understand your business and this requires a lot of groundwork. Therefore we have a four-stage approach which includes, consultation and discovery, planning and strategy, implementation and then review and respond.


This becomes a circular approach to developing your digital marketing strategy rather than a linear one. To adopt a circular mindset means that you are continually improving and iterating your strategy using the data in your results. Businesses that sell in circles see better results and have a vastly improved understanding of their customer behaviour.

Time to make a decision

Are you ready to go conversational?


“Did you know that 35-50% of sales go to the company that responds first?” Inside Sales


Conversational marketing and sales are fast becoming the go-to solution for businesses that want to accelerate sales conversions. They understand the need to nurture their prospects is important but qualifying buying intent is a primary objective. As identifying opportunities earlier in the buying cycle can increase revenues by up to 28%.


Companies with this type of focus invest in their marketing and sales framework heavily with clearly defined goals and objectives. Enabling their sales personnel to perform whilst reducing friction within communication channels in the top 5 problems to solve.


  • Did you know that 15% of sales reps time is spent leaving a voicemail?
  • However, the average response rate to voicemail is 4.8%?
  • At any given time, only 3% of your market is actively ready to buy. 56% are not, 40% is poised to begin.


We have already established that outbound methods in sales and marketing produce random success. To counter this, we use inbound methods of marketing to increase qualified leads in our sales pipelines. However, too much focus on lead nurturing before establishing buyers intent has seen landing page conversions fall to around 2.5%.


You must allow buyers to contact you in the way that they find easiest. And chatbot conversations are 63% of the buyers choice to do so. So the facts are clear on what channels your customers expect to communicate in.  The question is, what are you prepared to do about it?

Want to learn more? Read Our 6 Steps to Success See Less

First Step

B2B Conversational Marketing Agency

BIAS Digital is a B2B Conversational Marketing Agency in London. B2B companies are becoming more aware of the impact of Conversational Marketing via Chatbots to their online lead generation and sales stack. We specialise in the B2B and B2C implementation of the Drift marketing platform for accelerated lead qualification and sales support. Starting a conversation is the most natural of human communication methods. Implementing a conversational strategy to support this activity enables us to make data-led decisions that enhance your ability to qualify more leads and close more sales. Couple this with multiple conversational marketing playbooks and account-based based marketing and you have a great strategy to ramp up success.

B2B Conversational Marketing Agency
Second Step

Conversational Marketing Strategy

Any inbound marketing or inbound sales objectives need a suitable strategy to implement to support the ambition of the company. We provide conversational marketing services via an on-page lead bot to get you there which include buyer persona analysis, buyer journey map, multiple conversational marketing playbooks*, keyword recognition*, go-to-market plan and on-going A+B testing*. Marry this up to a successful inbound marketing campaign and you will see results within 30 days*

Conversational Marketing Strategy
Third Step

Chatbot Integration

Chatbots require integration and our conversational marketing platform is the ideal solution for this. This is more than simply ensuring it can appear on your pages and open upon request, but strategic integration to a number of places. Your CRM so it recognises site visitors when they arrive, individual chatbots for specific pages within your website or on landing pages for super targeted messaging. They also need integration to your sales teams calendars to book appointments. Bias digitals conversational marketing platform helps you capture and qualify potential customers with its innovative approach to marketing.

Chatbot Integration
Fourth Step

Increase Qualified Conversions

Our conversational marketing platform will help to shorten sales cycles by up to 63%. The addition of chatbots via our platform will help qualify potential customers quicker creating a better customer experience. We will capture and qualify more prospects leading to an increase in face to face or telephone conversations for your sales team. Conversational marketing is proven to accelerate lead qualification and shorten the sales cycle even further. Book a consultation below.

Increase Qualified Conversions
Fifth Step

Support Your Sales Team

Sales reps, unfortunately, cannot interrupt prospects as they once could and we rely on inbound marketing to solve that issue. Yet sales personnel can only hold one valid conversation at any one time, valuable or not. Therefore you need to take a broader approach to market to increase conversion rates. Adopt conversational marketing and increase chat qualified leads.

Support Your Sales Team
Fourth Step

Conversational Marketing Sales Training

We also provide training to your sales teams to manage the leadbots. Showing them how to monitor the live conversations and jump in and take over when the time is right. How to look for recurring site visitors for easy wins and also how to set up automatic opening of lead bots. Our playbooks will help your sales reps shorten sales cycles improving customer experience enabling more face to face conversations.

Conversational Marketing Sales Training
Conversational Sales Acceleration

Conversational Sales & Marketing Strategy

High sales activity is a key performance indicator of the digital marketing strategy your company adopts. Your internal KPI’s will judge your marketing teams on how many leads they feed your sales teams. Whilst BIAS specifically back inbound marketing, it is a “lead nurturing” process that leads to good conversations. What we want to do is show you how to convert earlier in the nurturing process. With some businesses achieving up to 400% increases in website conversions.


To do this, we have been using conversational marketing and sales and introducing chatbots into the conversion process. No longer do we want to follow the old model on longer lead nurturing and then a sales conversation. We are flipping that model on its head and qualifying prospects up front. Then nurturing them if they aren’t immediately converting.


Sales are about communication and personalisation, it is not about a lead nurturing email strategy. We help you bring the conversation back to your sales teams and open up more communication with your prospects and leads.