The Conversational Marketing Playbook

We are a Drift partner agency and we absolutely, 150% cheerlead the use of drift bots or lead bots into your marketing tech stack. Take heed, this isn’t because we help businesses like yours implement them, it’s because our own internal stats changed as we started to use a conversational marketing playbook. In one month we increased qualification by 50% and increased conversations by 89%.


Don’t get me wrong the first month's stats weren’t great. 9 conversations, 2 qualified leads, but the figures then shot up in month two (although we did close a deal from month one).


What we haven’t yet taken advantage of is the account based marketing feature you can include which can really change the game.


Like any technology addition, you have to let that bed down and then kick on using the first few months as a learning curve to assess performance and what is working and what isn’t.



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10 reasons to use a conversational marketing playbook


It is built to compliment inbound marketing


The first thing is that we’ve all started to accept that whilst the inbound marketing movement is producing leads, the qualification time that it takes getting people to download your content and start the email nurturing process extends the whole sales cycle.


The intent is the one thing that inbound marketing can’t capture in real time unless they’re on a bottom of the funnel offer page and this is where your lead bot steps in.


In the age of chat, lead bots come into their own. Able to sit ready for the website or landing page visitor that is ready to buy or book, who needs someone or something to handle that request. Immediacy is the name of the game for both prospect and salesperson and with proven increases in closure and sales cycles it’s a win-win for all involved.


Accelerate your lead qualification


Lead qualification is another issue in inbound marketing. Whilst we touched on it in point 1, B2b companies have seen as much as a 50% increase in lead qualification on a consistent basis. Couple this with potentially increasing opportunities by 170% and reducing your sales cycle by 63%, the figures speak for themselves.


If nothing else, please present the case studies to your boss!!


Serve premium content to your visitors


Premium content should be given away without long forms. Utilise your conversational marketing playbook and your drift lead bot correctly, and you can serve premium content mid-conversation without a form.


You can still grab an email address or phone number in a more relaxed fashion whilst angling the conversation toward speaking to or booking an appointment in your sales persons diary.


Use keyword recognition


So your boss says, but you are creating conversations in advance of your conversation, what if our prospect asks for something different?


Simple, you add keyword recognition into your conversational marketing playbook and let the chat flow. You can customise how your lead bot handles the keywords by using contains [keyword], equals [keyword] or similar [keyword] as match points.


Using a combination of keywords and structured conversation will amplify your results.


Hybrid your form strategy


Forms are a turnoff for many people including myself. They’re accepted but not so user-friendly, even when you use smart forms.

We have seen success on our landing pages offering both the form and the lead bot, which we tested on our conversational marketing landing page. Now we see more interaction with the chatbot than the form.


So A+B test your lead bot and forms and see which gives you the best return.


Quickly connect users with sales reps


Let’s face it, salespeople simply need conversations. Yes, they need leads ripe for speaking to, yes they need leads ripe for speaking to and I shall say it one last time, yes... They need leads ripe for speaking to.


Did you know in drift, they have a live view? You can see what your onsite prospects or leads are actually doing and instigate conversations via the chatbot that isn’t in the playbook!.


Yep, you can take over a conversation the chatbot is having or instigate a fresh one if you have a prospect on a landing page. This amplifies the opportunity again to quickly connect with leads in a hot minute.


Chat app growth is huge

Check out the stats from July 2018 on chat app usage




Everybody is on chat so if your company isn’t, you’re in the slow lane for sure. You need to look at how this explosion can be properly harnessed for the benefit of your sales team and your profit margins.


Talk to us if you need to, that’s what we’re here for.



Be more direct and less salesy


Leadbots do not need to sell, although they can do if you set them up correctly. Their job is to qualify and hand the lead off, either to a live salesperson, a salesperson’s calendar or simply get the prospects contact details.


The conversational marketing playbook should be very direct and aim to lead the prospect to where they need to get. Remember if they’re on your website, something your offer is of interest so don’t focus on that. Focus instead on asking direct questions that get to a destination that discovers what why and when. It’s that simple.


Why not test run the lead bot on our home page and follow it through like you were looking for a product we retail and see how the questions play out. Gives you an idea then how it works (please let us know at some point you were just testing, or not if you need more ;))

Have multiple chatbots for different services


Like you would your funnel, create conversational marketing playbooks that are set up for each individual product or service you offer so that you maximise the opportunity to convert.


Add case studies, content links, video links and any other supportive media around that product to that playbook maximising the opportunity to accelerate qualified leads.


You still need personas, you still need segmentation and you still want to focus on developing and iterating changes for maximum benefit, that’s where a drift bot partner pays dividends.


Integrate into your account based marketing


Finally, you must apply account-based marketing where suitable. Much like your inbound marketing platform provides reverse IP lookup. Your drift bot also tells you which large companies have been into your website and maximises the opportunities to set playbooks that recognise return visitors from specific companies, even notifying you as it happens so your sales team can strike whilst the iron is hot.


As a drift partner, this article advocates the benefits of this platform as much as an inbound agency advocates Hubspot... Oops, we do that too. But seriously, sales teams need to recognise the benefits of lead bots and the role they play in putting opportunities for money in the bank together.


For more information or to book a consultation visit us here and feel free to download our ebook on The Art of Conversational Marketing which gives great ideas, use cases and food for thought.


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BY Paul Sullivan



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