Company Profile

HUBX transforms private placement and loan syndication deal distribution for banks and exchanges by connecting them into core systems to deliver dynamic data insights and a richer customer experience.

As capital markets and technology experts, HubX builds deal syndication tools for banks and financial institutions to embrace the platform model of tomorrow.

HubX digitises private placements and syndicated loans to deliver end-to-end execution.



Increase in outbound sales rep productivity



Decrease in manual dis/qualifying prospects



Weeks to complete the migration, integration and optimisation

Approach and Strategy

Stage One

To cleanse the Pipedrive data and the complete mapping of standard and custom fields in HubSpot to match Pipedrive and fully migrate the data.

Stage Two

Fully integrating Drift chat playbooks with goals into HubSpot to kick off email workflows and qualify web-based prospects.

Stage Three

Complete the setup of custom chat playbook reporting, including KPIs, chat performance and success over time.


HubX is now effectively set up to run a smaller sales team handling more extensive traffic and inbound enquiries. Drift is disqualifying leads, and routing leads to the incumbent sales team.

The CRO with who we worked closely on this project told us productivity was up 20% and that admin was down by 40%. 

CRM data was better enriched, and the nurturing sequences were supporting the sales teams' inbound and outbound activities.


HubX Capital

Our clients feedback

The difference with Paul at BIAS is that not only does he understand the what and why but he also knows the right way to deploy the tech to get the best result.
Ray de Silva
Ray de Silva, CRO Hubx