Supercharge your team with sales enablement

Give them the powerful resources and sales process they need to close deals faster.
Companies that invest in sales enablement close 49% more deals than those that do not.

Sales Enablement at BIAS

Today's B2B sales teams struggle to close deals at speed

Often because they need to communicate the value they offer in a way that captures the attention of your prospects. A well-defined sales enablement strategy is what you need to align your sales and marketing teams and put your best foot forward. As your product matures, so should your sales and marketing materials.

By combining training, ongoing coaching, effective CRM and pipeline set-up, digital assets, and close alignment of marketing and sales teams, B2B companies can be up to 76% more productive in the sales environment than those that do not.
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For scaling sales teams, sales enablement is critical to the mission's success

Your sales team is better aligned with your product with an optimised sales enablement strategy. It will confidently communicate the value to sales-qualified leads, increasing conversion rates and closing sales gaps.

Speed up your sales team’s productivity with scripts, standardised sales processes, battle cards, video-based internal training, phone and theatre-style training, and a highly integrated tech stack that delivers dedicated insights, lead scoring, and intent signals.

Sales enablement also enhances the buying experience and reduces churn by qualifying out poor-fit leads, allowing team leads to effectively manage productivity, upskilling, and bottlenecks in the sales function.

The more data and information you have on a prospect, the easier the close should become

Adopting a systemised sales enablement approach will make you more attuned to your customers' needs. 

Our promise is to support you throughout the process and beyond to resolve issues and take positive action. 

With the data we collect, we will work with you and your team to help interpret the pipeline activity and advise where to make improvements or changes. We enable you to implement your strategy in a way that works best for your business and give you the tools on which to build. This allows you and your business to retain control and embed the ethos of your company’s approach.

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Sales Enablement 101

Do you want to find out what we know about sales enablement before you talk to us? Why not read our latest guide if you like it, then you can take it away afterwards. We practice ungated content here at BIAS. No details are needed to read.

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We build sales enablement strategies that are customised to your offering

Embedded with your DNA, driven with one goal: closing the gaps in your sales pipeline and reducing churn.

Our core focus is bringing sales at scale by building repeatable processes for your team to close deals.

Empowering sales leaders by unifying your sales strategy on HubSpot CRM with the ability to identify bottlenecks to improve sales results. 

Eradicating inefficiencies by removing time-wasting repetition and inefficient processes that have a negative impact on your sales team's productivity.

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Figure out what's going wrong with your sales process

By using data to identify where the problems in your pipeline land, we remove any guesswork and quickly work to correct them. This means solid use of HubSpot CRM as the bedrock and a standardised sales process laid firmly over the top.

By utilising our 18-step sales enablement framework, we offer you a walk into a prepared environment with a tested framework that you can land on and expand, customising it to the maturity of your sales environment as your team scales.

With two resident enablement experts, you can be assured that you will work with experienced, passionate professionals willing to challenge your thoughts to drive the best possible results from your investment in our relationship.

Your sales team is also supported to utilise the enablement strategy and resources that allow you, as a sales leader, to make incremental strategic improvements based on evidence.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sales Enablement and Why is it Important?
Sales enablement is a strategic, data-driven approach that aims to provide salespeople with the resources they need—such as training, tools, and content—to sell effectively.
How to Get Started with Developing a Sales Enablement Plan and When to Do It?
The process involves understanding your current sales strategy, identifying gaps, and outlining goals aligned with your business objectives. It's best to start as soon as you recognize the need to improve your sales processes.
Who Should Take Ownership of Sales Enablement, Why, and What are Their Roles?
Ownership should be a joint effort between sales and marketing, ensuring alignment and collaboration across departments. The roles involve creating and managing content, training sales teams, and measuring effectiveness.
What Elements Should a Sales Enablement Plan Include?

A comprehensive plan includes training and development, content management, tools and technology, alignment between sales and marketing, and metrics for measuring success.

How to Align Sales Enablement Plan with Business Strategies?
Ensure that the sales enablement plan supports the overall business goals and objectives and that there is clear communication and alignment between all stakeholders.
What Role Does Sales Enablement Play in Our Tech Stack?
Sales enablement should integrate with existing technologies, such as CRM systems, to streamline processes and provide sales teams with the necessary tools and information.
What About Cloud Services? How is Sales Enablement Different from Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.?
Unlike basic cloud storage services, sales enablement platforms offer specialised features for content management, training, and analytics tailored to sales processes.
How to Measure the Success of a Sales Enablement Plan?
Improvements in sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher win rates, and feedback from sales teams can measure success.
How to Get Buy-in for a Sales Enablement Plan from the Sales Team?
Involve the sales team in planning, clearly communicating the benefits, and providing adequate training and support.
How to Continually Improve and Adapt a Sales Enablement Plan?
Regularly review performance metrics, solicit feedback from sales teams, and stay updated on industry best practices to make necessary adjustments.
How Can Sales Enablement Help a Dealer or External Sales Network?

By providing consistent training, content, and support, sales enablement can ensure that external sales networks are well-equipped to represent and sell the product or service effectively.

What are Some Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Developing a Sales Enablement Plan?

Common pitfalls include a lack of clear goals, insufficient buy-in, inadequate training, and ignoring feedback. Avoiding these pitfalls involves setting measurable objectives, securing support, investing in training, and establishing a feedback loop.