Our work and results

Here you’ll find a range of results for B2B Technology and Services companies past and present that the team here at BIAS has delivered. Our work ranges across marketing, websites, sales, and products.

Our Product Results

Product Case Study: Custom Tool Development for BNM Analytics showing ROI

Their goal was to razor focus on their buyer persona, the CTO or Head of Analytics and educate them on how AI would improve ROI on data or automated manual processes as part of a larger digital transformation program.

BIAS custom-developed a trio of tools to help the business show upfront value.

PLG Case Study: Onboarding Optimisation for Fintech HiBooks

The PLG workshop aimed to look at two critical issues for Hi-Book's customer acquisition strategy. Those were:

  • The sign-up process and how we can reduce steps to improve the customer experience - whilst giving the business the data it requires
  • Pricing strategy 

Learn how BIAS optimised the process inside a half-day workshop, delivering instant value.

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