Our work and results

Here you’ll find a range of results for B2B Technology and Services companies past and present that the team here at BIAS has delivered. Our work ranges across marketing, websites, sales, and products.

Our Website Results

HubSpot CMS Case Study: 245% Uplift in Traffic upon Launch of New Website

BIAS worked with the category leader in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) software space. It’s not the company's size that positions it as a leader but its unique product and service offering. After winning the project by RFP, BIAS re-platformed the company from WordPress to HubSpot CMS.

Discover our approach and results below.

HubSpot CMS Case Study: A Dual-Language for Portugals Lionesa

Lionesa is Portugal's answer to WeWork. However, WeWork could take a lesson from Lionesa regarding professional and personal facilities. Based on Porto’s sunshine coast in easy reach of the airport and the beach, it’s a perfect blend of culture, commerce and community.

Learn how we changed the way they do business at Lionesa.

HubSpot CMS Case Study: Fintech Rebrand and Website Launch

HUBX transforms private placement and loan syndication deal distribution for banks and exchanges by connecting them into core systems to deliver dynamic data insights and a richer customer experience.

BIAS rebranded HUBX before moving them from WordPress to HubSpot CMS and launching the site.

WordPress Case Study: Custom Website with multiple customised SaaS integrations

The Society of Leaders and Chief Executives (Solace) is the UK’s leading membership network for the public sector and local government professionals. BIAS won the project by RFP and had to condense 3 current sites into a single site.

Additionally, we had to integrate Salesforce, Bullhorn, and Fonteva using single sign-on. 

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