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Automated targeting of accounts using Hubspot

What is Account-Based Marketing?


Account-based marketing is perfect for B2B service or product suppliers as they typically know the “whale” clients that they want to work with. Not only have they identified their target accounts, they are typically high-consideration, multi-stakeholder purchase decisions.


In fact, an account-based marketing strategy is perfect for companies who have a specific number of companies they want to target. As you treat each company as a single marketing and sales campaign.


Businesses that adopt an account-based marketing strategy can position their brand in front of the right decision-makers, and build close relationships with clients deemed most valuable to their goals.

Is an account-based marketing campaign right for my company?

Will it help my business?


Inbound marketing is great, but you know that as you’re already practising it. You’re selling to people who actually want to speak with you. They’ve been recognised, they recognise themselves in your content and they ‘relate’ to your brand.


However, many businesses we speak to want to target those really hard-to-reach, hard-to-attract, big-hitting clients.


This is where you adopt account-based marketing. By aligning your sales and marketing teams to identify and appeal to those ideal clients, you break each target business down and market to the senior decision-makers independently. Changing the narrative to answer only problems this particular persona resonates with.

This prevents your “blanket” approach falling on deaf ears or being ignored as too generic.

Tell me more

Let’s break it down


An account-based marketing campaign will help your company ‘whale hunt’. Target only those ‘top tier’ clients you typically struggle to reach, positioning your brand in front of the right decision-makers.


Therefore you can focus on generating high-quality inbound opportunities through content, opening communication channels and building strong relationships with the most important people.


This significantly improves ROI and it can have a massive impact on your bottom line. But content can stretch much further than just blogging. Video, animation, interactive, with the right budget we can use it all.


Ultimately you can build close relationships with clients deemed most valuable to your business and its goals, in a way that doesn’t interrupt people already busy and short on time.

Worried about a larger investment in marketing?

Are you ready to grow your Business?


Focus on ROI with account-based marketing. Account-based marketing can reduce the overall time it usually takes to nurture the most profitable leads and time per lead during the sales process.


The approach is creative and uses tried-and-tested inbound techniques to capture your ideal client’s attention, whether you want to target companies based on size, location, budget or other factors.


When account-based marketing is introduced alongside an inbound sales and marketing strategy, it can help businesses partner with the companies that are the best fit for them and, crucially, that they want to work with most.

Exactly who should consider this?

Who uses Account-Based Marketing again?


Account-based marketing is perfect for companies who already have an understanding of the practice and its benefits and can go a long way to turbocharging your existing strategy.


B2B organisations, in particular, are typically the largest beneficiaries from this approach. These companies typically have longer and more complex sales cycles, and account-based marketing campaigns will help to better target high-value prospects who are a better fit, whilst at the same time reducing churn and time-to-sale.


The other benefits of investing in an account-based marketing campaign include:


  • Aligning sales and marketing strategies to one outcome
  • Reducing time to approach, nurture and close the most profitable leads
  • Devising targeted campaigns with a clear focus on ROI
  • Building strong relationships with clients deemed most valuable
Don’t forget your CRM

You need the right CRM for ABM


If you’re pursuing an account-based marketing and sales strategy, your CRM needs to be aligned to it.


We adopt HubSpot CRM’s custom properties, owner assignment, lead scoring, notification emails and reporting to propel your ABM results all the way to the close.


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